Share ware or commercial

A discussion here got me thinking about why it rubbed me the wrong way. Aside from the fact that I think it’s a Bad Thing for Mint to have people charge money for peppers because it will seriously limit the appeal of Mint I think my main beef is not with the guy charging for a plugin, it’s a free world, do what you want. No, I don’t like the reasoning of some of the people commenting.
The way I see it is this; either you code something because you have a use for it, because you want to flex your coding muscles simply because you can. Or, you do it because you want to earn money. Black or white, at least in this case where there’s no other way to get said plugin.
And I’ll be damned if I fork over any money to someone for a small subset of a program which is basically just a small bit of eyecandy. To me that’s something totally different than for example this one, where someone creates something because he gets a kick out of it, distributes it for free (and under an open license, meaning you’re free to modify and redistribute the code) and just put up a small donation notice asking for a few bucks to buy a beer (or whatever) if you like what he made.
Maybe I’m anal about it, but I’d rather hand over a few bucks to the second guy than the first, and I hope many people will follow suit.


After a few months of still rather warm weather winter has finally started here as well, causing huge traffic jams on friday with some people being stuck in traffic for 12 hours or more. Luckily I had no problems whatsoever although I am slightly worried if this weather continues seeing as I have 7 days of training up north, starting on the 5th.
It does make for pretty pictures though.

The ramp up to 2006

I had a loooot of ideas for this year, most of which bombed for one reason or another, either work or social life related. Things are starting to smooth out a bit (he said while crossing his fingers) so it’s time to start looking forward to next year. There are a lot of thing I’d like to do or change, some lighthearted, some more serious.
Several of the things I’m looking forward to;
– Doing a colab with Moggy for a new design
– Poking the site and making it more me again, which has already started, still no idea where it’s all going to lead but it’ll be a fun ride nonetheless. Actually I have several ideas but I’ll save those for another post.
– Begging, borrowing or stealing a Mac laptop.
– Vacation! That exploded in my face big time this year, still feeling rather meh about not having been able to kick back and chill.
Which also lead to the following brainfart;

The plan (insert drumroll) is to go off for a weekend each month next year to a different country in Europe and just chill, party, cruise, enjoy the scenery or whatever. My partner in crime as always is CommSie, and it’s something I’m very much looking forward to. It doesn’t have to be the thrill of a lifetime each and every time but just the thought of getting away from everything for a weekend a month seems so damn… relaxing.

So, does anyone have any suggestions regarding where we could go and what we could do there?

Weekend summary

Harry Potter part VI = good,
Playing boardgames with a group of friends = good,
Age of Empires III = crack,
Sleep = good.

And that concludes the weekend. Which leaves my todo list growing as usual, hopefully I’ll really get round to working on this layout some more during the week.
Note to self; buy Mint.

Search engine weirdness

Looking over my stats I’m surprised to see how many people end up here because they enter “X111” in a search engine. What ARE you looking for?
And I laughed when I saw someone had come here after searching for “MORE LIFE FOR X111”.
Yeah mate, that’s what I’m looking for too.

Mission catch up

While spending lots of time this week struggling to get back up to speed with current web development I’m discovering more and more things, developments I’ve missed, techniques people use, the most gorgeous designs (like here, here, here and here). And every link I click on leads to a new blog or site with articles containing even more links. Argh! Good vibes though. My current plan is just to soak up as much as possible, collect a bunch of scripts I come across and then let it all sink in before I get started on the design for this thing. And with this thing I mean the blog you’re currently reading and which will eventuall turn into the front page for

It really does make me feel like I’ve been out of the loop for too damn long with everything that’s been going on back in ye real world. We’re still in table hell on the main site for fuck’s sake, heh.
So maybe this blog will spin off into a total redesign of the site itself, not just in terms of layout but of functionality as well.

I’m also starting to get a better idea of what’s out there at the moment in terms of web apps which will help me manage all my info, from bookmarks to to-do’s to RSS-feeds to photos and contacts.
There’s so much around, gotta try ’em all! I’m trying to stay away from all the so called webservices though, call me old school, but I still prefer running a script myself instead of having my personal data managed by someone else.

Time to get back to webhopping and bookmarking like crazy.
Enjoy the weekend and carpe diem!

Back to WordPress

b2evolution looks pretty damn stale at the moment. Hardly any new themes or releases. Promises of a new major withstanding it’s all starting to look a bit old and if it weren’t that to the best of my knowledge it’s still the best of the multi-user systems I’d switch to something else.
In the mean time it’s time to resurrect this thing to see what WP can do and post some randomness now and again. Still not linked anywhere so all is quiet for now.

Potential site expansion

Seeing as I’m dabbling more and more with my Mac and trying to find my way through loads of sites searching for applications to do what I need and use on my windows machine I’m debating whether or not to start a Mac section with a newsfeed or 2 and an inventory of apps I come across and find useful.
Would be sjweet to use a blog for that so I could use categories and people would be able to comment.

What you get isn’t always what you need either

Eh, wtf just happened? Weirdest convo ever, and possibly the end of a year long dream. Time will tell. If everything said holds up things definitely took a turn for the worse. How quickly things change. Maybe it’s time to start thinking about vacation before I totally lose my marbles.

Work in progress... not home!
Trying to get all/most of the new code working before I start on the eyecandy.