Ello screenshot

New year new social network? Signed up for the invite only Ello months ago, finally got in today.
No ads, rather minimalistic looking, so far so good. No idea how to find people there yet.
Want an invite? Give me a poke.

Big Webstats

Big webstats

Nifty looking, but rather inaccurate.
Just looking at the Social Buzz section I can see Facebook likes and shares are missing, the same goes for Twitter back links. So if you use it to analyze your own site take everything with a rather large pinch of salt, but fun to see nonetheless.

Also I think they’re more interested in generating backlinks for their own site as I received word of this through my contact form…

Google Reader no more

Not that I care about Google Reader, but someone should resurrect Gregarius so people can make their own alternatives.
Another fine example about why you should take control of your online presence and stop relying on third party services, especially third party services whose core business is selling ads.


Bombermine - Bomberman clone

This is fun, a Bomberman clone in your browser.
Fast, sweet online mayhem against 1000 other players.

Facebook on the way out?

facebook tumbleweed

I’m not sure what’s causing it but my Facebook newsfeed lately is starting to look like a deserted ghost town. Hardly any updates, and only from a select few people.
Maybe people have moved on to newer and greater social networks or perhaps we have finally reached the end of an era and the whole social media hype is dying down. Whatever it is, it sure is quiet.
Interestingly enough as my Facebook newsfeed is slowing down, traffic on this website is picking up. Considerably.
So maybe tablets and mobile phones are having an impact on how people browse and use the web? Either way, hi there!

Pretty html buttons

Made with just html and css.

Screenshots of Despair

Check out Screenshots of Despair, a new site with unintentionally funny screenshots, or as they put it “cataloguing online messages that evoke feelings of despair”.


Stephen Fry proof

Stephen Fry can give your site a hammering like Digg. Funny.

Work in progress... not home!
Trying to get all/most of the new code working before I start on the eyecandy.