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The Kitten Covers, recreating famous album covers with kitties.

Year in Status

Year in Status.
Turn all your Facebook or Twitter status updates of the year into a wordcloud.

Daring No Balls

Tired of my Apple posts? Go check out the ‘latest greatest’ anti-Apple site, Daring No Balls.
I’ve got to hand it to him, it’s a nifty idea. When you have nothing to say, want to create a website and don’t have a clue, simply start an anti-site, target some of the most popular bloggers and enjoy the ride as the backlinks and traffic come by itself (quod erat demonstrandum). The actual site is piss poor of course, hell even the title is unimaginative. No layout, no content, a few very lame stabs at Apple. Android battery life better than iPhone? Yeah, maybe it lasts longer because nobody actually likes using the damn things. And since when is having to buy your own replacement battery every 2 years a positive feature for Android phones? Come on, I love my Apple stuff and even I could come up with a better anti-Apple site. The only valid comment on there is about the amount of leaks on Jobs’ biography.
Too bad comments are disabled for all posts, if he enabled them he could really lean back and enjoy the Flamewars of Doom started by all the Apple & Android fanboys.

Gutenberg is gut

In case there are still people around who never heard of the Gutenberg project; awesome free books.
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The Bermuda Triangle of Productivity

Where many wasted hours go to die – Online picture editor

If you blog on the go, or need to do any kind of quick photo or image editing on the go, you could do worse than take a look at
A ‘full’ image editor right there in your browser. It’s surprisingly functional, I for one often use it to edit pics I want to use on my blog because, like Photoshop, it not only offers to resize the image but the canvas as well, making it easy to get it just right. That’s not all that’s nicked from PS, the whole toolbar looks surprisingly similar.
But hey, if it ain’t broke…. don’t turn it into the Gimp.

Happy 30th birthday Pac-man

And in honor of that you can now play Pac-man on Google’s front page. Today and tomorrow anyway.
Maybe they’ll do the same for Street Fighter’s 20th birthday. ;)

(hat tip)

SQL to change your WordPress links

A simple quickie in case I ever forget, and you might like it too.
Say you have static content, like a folder of pictures, you want to move or rename. But all your posts link to the old folder.
Here’s a quick way to update all your posts in sql, for example using phpMyAdmin:
update wp_posts set post_content = replace(post_content, '\/anime\/pics', '\/anime2\/pics');
In my case this replaces all the links containing ‘/anime/pics’ with ‘/anime2/pics’ as that’s what I renamed the anime folder to.
Note the \/ in the sql statement, you need to escape all your / slashes in the statement by putting a \ before it, or your get errors.

Google Buzz

There’s a lot of hype since the mighty Google announced their latest addition, Google Buzz, but after a quick look it seems to me it’s just Google’s version of Twitter, complete with geotagging and flickr integration.
So for me there’s not really a point as it integrates with Google’s web apps, which I don’t use. Even though the mobile version of Buzz looks nice enough, I don’t want to load a webpage just to use it in a, for me, cumbersome way. I’ve got an iPhone, I want an app for that. And seeing as I don’t use a gmail app but the regular apple mail app to read my gmail… the point is moot. Unless Google were to come out with an all-in-one app that offers all their services neatly integrated I think I’ll pass this one.

Work in progress... not home!
Trying to get all/most of the new code working before I start on the eyecandy.