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Top 20 posts according to AideRSS
AideRSS is a new site which among other things can ‘analyze’ your blog and give you a list of your most popular posts.
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Gmail Custom Time feature

Gmail Custom Time
Swjeet, Google came up with a new interesting gmail feature allowing you to “Be on time. Every time.”
I love how they keep coming up with new features to help GTD (Getting Things Done).
Read more about it on the gmail site here. wallpaper generator

Want a cool custom wallpaper generated from coverart of music you listen to? Simple, go here and enter your username and the size of the wallpaper you’d like. Nice.

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Gravatar p00f… again

Wondering why I saw less and less gravatars in the comments here (including my own) I logged on at their site and surprise surprise, no pictures. Both avatars I uploaded before are gone. So yeah, no wonder they don’t show up. If you’ve been wondering why yours are missing you might want to check as well. Make sure to log on with your email address in lower case and use your email address in lower case for comments around the web as well, that seems to be one reason for glitches. Apparently the whole gravatar site code was recently switched from ruby on rails to php so maybe something went wrong during that process. At any rate, try again… again.


Flickrvision, best timesink ever! Watch Flickr images get uploaded live and pointed out on a map. One could watch this for hours on end.

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Tell Sell ad

Right here on the new Automattic blog for publishers;
We of Automattic recommend Akismet, by Automattic.
Wow, that’s such a pro tip.
They’re right of course, Akismet has pretty much saved blogging fom the clutches of spam, but that doesn’t make their ‘pro tip’ any less funny.

phpBB3 Gold released

Wow, I somehow totally missed this. Upgrade time!
But first I’ll have a look around and see what themes have been created for it over the past couple of months.

Automattic acquires Gravatar

Maybe Matt got tired of waiting for gravatars to start working properly again. Too funny, but Automattic (company by Matt of WordPress) acquired Gravatar and so now the whole load is working fast, and working period. So if you’ve had issues in the past months getting a lovely gravatar to show up; try again.
Bloody brilliant.

phpBB3 Release Candidate 7 (RC7)

It’s alive, aliiiiiiive! This fixes the RC6 issues which was released the day before.
Read the news here along with what’s new.
There’s a seperate update package for those who, like me, have missed the RC6.
Keep your fingers crossed for a 3.0 any time soon.

Work in progress... not home!
Trying to get all/most of the new code working before I start on the eyecandy.