XIII goes MySpace

XIII goes MySpace
Better late then never, or oh no, not the demon spawn from hell. You decide. Either way, I’ve always been interested in the MySpace phenomenon, and especially curious as to why it’s so ungodly popular. So… the proof of the pudding is in the eating, let’s see how this works and if I’ll get any friends… hint hint.

Yahoo pipes

Yahoo pipes, it’s amazing, a web service I like. I started playing with this because I couldn’t find a decent selfhosted script which would allow me to merge several rss feeds into one new feed. Within a couple of minutes of figuring it out I had exactly what I wanted; a new feed which grabs several rss feeds and outputs a feed with the newest 10 items.

My first Yahoo pipe
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Pigs fly, phpBB3 RC1 gets released

At long last the wait is over. I can remember first announcing this several years ago, but now it’s finally here, the first release candidate of phpBB3.
All new and shiny, I can’t wait to try the conversion from phpBB2 and see if everything works.

Show me the monay!

Ok, I admit, lazy blog day.
Ok, I absolutely adore, it appeals to the statistics whore in me. It’s also a great way to discover new music. For those unfamiliar with it, you download a program which tracks what music you listen to. This is then turned into statistics you can view on their website (all RSS powered, so you easily add it to for example your blog). Recently played, weekly charts, fave bands, you name it.
It also lets you see music you may like as well, based on what it knows you love. And you can see a list of other people with a similar music taste.
Anyway, the list goes on and on, check it out if you’re a music nut.

And, now we also have a group for members:
Join it! If we get a group of people on there it will generate a weekly chart based on what we’ve all been listening to, which in turn could be fun to add to the site.

Gravatar back in action

Gravatar It’s now finally possible to sign up or change your gravatar again.

(gravatars are the little piccies you get next to your comments here and everywhere else on the web, for the few clueless people out there)


Hmm, didn’t see that one coming, but what a way to start the year.
Apparently a group of people are a bit miffed about the direction WordPress is going and are now working on their own blogging project. What makes it interesting is that it’s not just any random group of people with names like Chris (who’s already running his site on Habari), Khaled & Michael involved.

Theoretically one might argue, as I read somewhere this weekend that it’s impossible for anyone to take on the might of WordPress. Which is why I think it’ll be fun to see Habari launch. Personally I think it has the potential to spread like wildfire. For starters WordPress is starting to smell a little funny recently after some incidents regarding But more importantly I think the sheer ‘power’ of the people involved will push it. If the code is solid and it looks anything remotely close to the awesome stuff they’ve released in the past for WordPress you can bet your ass people will be switching in the blink of an eye. Gimme a proper converter and I know I will.
It would be awesome if it also had MU functionality out of the box so I could switch that over as well…. because aside from a few volunteers keeping the forum alive MU has had 0 support ever since the 1.0 release.

Time will tell, it’s always nice to see something new.

Spam anti spam

So WordPress’ Matt extends a hand of friendship to allow other blogging systems to use his wonderful Akismet.
Awesome. I love Akismet.
So why am I not allowed to use Akismet on my WordPress MU installation here on the site even though I’m not an enterprise and I’m only running it for a couple of friends? I’d have to buy a $150 a month enterprise key.
Riiight, like I can afford that.

More wallpapers

Mandolux wallpapers
More wallpapers, but with a twist. Most of these are photos, some are really nice, but what makes it great is that most of these have been sliced for people with multiple monitors. So you can have a great looking wallpaper spanning 2, 3 or even 4 screens. Nice.

Work in progress... not home!
Trying to get all/most of the new code working before I start on the eyecandy.