Redirect 301

In case you’re one of those people still using you’ll now notice it automagically switches you to the non-www url. This is done because I want to ditch www, and because of a nasty side effect in search engines if you have www and non-www both working, which is the case in most shared hosting environments. Technically speaking and are 2 different sites as far as DNS and search engines are concerned. So both can get indexed, and as a result your PR and SERP goes down the toilet if they’re mixed.
You can get around this by using redirects, specifically the 301, which is the status code to tell the machine requesting the page that it has permanently moved to another location. You can use a .htaccess to manage the redirects but an even better way if you manage your own server is to use Apache’s httpd.conf.
The way I’ve done it is this, previously a virtual host section would look like:
<VirtualHost *:80>
DocumentRoot /home/domain/www
Now we remove the ServerAlias and set up a new virtual host for it in which we’ll define the redirect for, so we’ll have 2 virtual hosts as such:
<VirtualHost *:80>
DocumentRoot /home/domain/www

<VirtualHost *:80>
Redirect 301 /

Save, restart Apache and you’re done, from now on all www urls will automagically be redirected to their non-www counterpart and your rankings will correct themselves as the search engine spiders crawl your site and work their magic.

phpBB3 beta 1 released

I can remember stating I’d wait for this, several years ago. Because of a ton of team changes and other things happening it just kept getting postponed. It was starting to feel a lot like Duke Nukem Forever, but thank goodness, it’s out and it’s official.
Keep your fingers crossed that the beta cycle goes smoothly so we can see a first Release Candidate soon, the betas lack an upgrade script for phpBB2 alas.

Random bits

Haven’t had nearly enough time in the past week to stay up to date so here’s all the things that caught my interest today as I checked all the feeds I’m subscribed to;

Apple’s quietly released their revised MacBook Pro as the first versions had quite a few bumps with the screen humming, the fans being too loud and miscellaneous other stuff.
Then there’s a new blog devoted entirely to telling the story of someone making the switch from Windows to Os X. I hope it’ll be good and give me a few pointers, lord knows I’m sick of the ‘Apple rocks and does no wrong’ crowd as much as the Linux or Windows fancrowd. At least he’s a 30 year old techie like me so I’m keeping my fingers crossed.
And while we’re at it, another reason I want to use Os X for the server which will host the new (and current) site. Why doesn’t Linux have apps like this to manage services?
Something to drool over, for me at least; Optimus Prime CGI. Damn that’s sweet. It’s good enough to almost make me forget the sacrilege of Beast Wars’ Optimus Primal.
Ajax time! And this week, we’re learning how to code our own Ajaxified pop3 client. That’s yet another tutorial for the evergrowing todo list…
And speaking of Ajax, Lightbox, the awesome image script hits 2.0 and by god it’s gorgeous. Check out the image set example. I hope this will get wedged into K2 somehow, it’d be a match made in heaven.
This made me laugh because it’s totally recognizable. Each and every point. I should add a link to this entry for my IM list that opens as a popup with a ‘do you accept this’ button forcing people to read the rules before they even think about adding me. Mwahaha! Or something. Thank you Bryan for making me laugh.

Google analytics down and taking a lot of sites with it

Gotta love the humor, there’s nothing at Google Analytics at the moment and as a result all the websites that use it seem to be choking and not loading at the moment because it keeps hanging on the request.
You get what you pay for, that’s why I steer well clear of 3d party scripts that could potentially b0rk my site.
Web 2.0 my …

I <3 Slashdot and Digg

There, I’ve said it. Out loud, in black and white, there’s no denying it anymore. I know looking down on the 2 is the hip thing to do on blogs these days. You only need to look at some of the blogs on Technorati’s top 100 to see plenty of posts and countless comments praising the latest Web 2.0 fad (Newsvine anyone) and saying it’ll bury Slashdot. Well guess what… it’s not going to happen.
Read more…


Anyone with a blog should be familiar with Technorati, the biggest blog search engine / tracker out there. They recently added a new feature which allows anyone with a Technorati account to track their favorite blogs. The added fun in that is that there’s now a new top 100 list of blogs who’ve been added the most as faves. And seeing as the bottom of the barrel are scraping a dozen faves only it should be doable to get this here thingie on the list. I know there are more people regularly reading it.
So plug me baby!

Random bits

Today’s random bits which are of interest to me;

First up is one of the best examples of ajax put to good use, AjaxAMP. It’s a plugin for my favourite music player, Winamp. When activated you get a full winamp interface running in your browser, playlist, drag and drop and everything else included. It’s fun to play with and useful too. (we use it at work to listen to internet radio and not having to bother eachother every time to switch channel or change the volume whenever someone needs to make a call). Version 2.0 has just been released with several bugfixes and support for the media library.

Today’s fun with Apple link is someone who built his own mini server network using 3 Mini’s. It looks damn sjweet to say the least (although I think I’d hang them against the wall, mmm) but the way he set it up is also excellent.

New webservice of the day is cocomment. It’s flashy, it’s beta version, it’s invite only, so you know it’s Web 2.0 (le hype). But unlike the dozens of other new services each day this one actually makes sense, to me anyway. Seeing as I leave comments on quite a few sites and blogs all over the place it’s hard to keep track of everything, especially seeing as a lot of blogs don’t use a subscribe to comments feature so you at least get a mail when there’s a reply. And that’s exactly what cocomment adresses; keeping track of comments and conversations and letting you know when there have been updates.
Unfortunately I can’t make a comment (no pun intended) about the actual working of the service seeing as I don’t have an invite. Le sigh.

The last bit of news could be simply summarized as ‘drool‘.
Either that or ‘look out OsX, here we come’, in terms of fancy desktop graphics on the linux desktop anyway. Check out some of the videos at that link. Go Novell!

WordPress 2.0.1

A month after 2.0 the new version gets released, 114 bugs have been fixed.
Can’t wait to get home and upgrade all 3 blogs, sjweetness.

AdSense goes icky

Read it and weep. I suppose it was only a matter of time. Expect to have to wade through a shitload more annoying ads once this goes live seeing as so many sites use AdSense.
Needless to say we won’t have any of that on here, I’ll disable it. I don’t mind a few ads as long as it doesn’t interfere with my browsing, but this ‘rich media’ stuff can only stink.

Work in progress... not home!
Trying to get all/most of the new code working before I start on the eyecandy.