Le snooze

everyone, including me, seems to busy again. It’s quiet on the forums.
Ah well.

Random bits of news;
Zimbra has been ported to Debian. Hooray, maybe this will finally make me test it.
GPL 3 will kick DRM butt. Amen. I’m still surprised how few non-techies understand the implications of how DRM can fuck up our privacy. Read it.
Web 3.0, interesting read because it not only manages to explain the 2.0 ‘phenomenon’ in plain english but also raises a few points about the whole new bubble I’ve also been getting sick off. It would be so much nicer if everyone could just get back to having fun.

Right… back to being busy.

WordPress 2.0 at last

Finally upgraded to WordPress 2.0 and the latest K2 version. Took a while before I decided to make the jump because I read a lot of horror stories about people being left with b0rked databases, incompatible plugins and lots of other problems.
But here we are, and everything seems to be fine. K2 didn’t require that much tweaking except for adding my own stuff back into a few of the php files. So all’s well from the looks of it, time to see if I can find some new and 2.0 exclusive plugins. This version seems to be more dev oriented with little difference for the enduser, except for a new visual editor everyone seems to disable straight away (me included) and a luvly image upload/manager which works like a charm after some getting used to.

Testing GetAMint

A new plugin for WordPress which allows people who run Mint to display some live statistics in templates, or even in posts.
So right now when you’re reading this for example there have been;
visits this hour,
visits today (my today starts at GMT+1 btw).

The plugin is already at 2.0, and it looks like 3.0 is coming along nicely.
Get it here.

Edit: scratch that, because it makes the blog slow as shit, with the page taking over 10 seconds to load.
No stats on the front page after all.

Yahoo! launches Dashboard service

Check out the pics

Very very nice, Konfabulator put to good use.
Looks like it’s going to be an interesting year for the battle of the web in terms of Yahoo vs. Google with Google starting to feel a bit like Microsoft to some in terms of becoming too powerful and with Yahoo taking an obvious cue from Apple, which shows from their recent purchases and direction.
Meanwhile Google is supposedly going to launch a pack of software aaaaany time now.

Edit: make that now.

24 ways to impress your friends

A new article each day, counting down to Christmas, with luvely webdesign stuff.
(He said adding to the evergrowing todo list)

Star Wars: Return of the Jedi in 211k

Best animated gif ever.

Edit: 7 years later and this post is still getting quite a few hits even though it was linking to Digg which no longer has the post and the fileserver it was hosted on was flushed as well, so I’m adding the file here and if you want to see the rest and more that FoldsFive has made go here.

return of the jedi

Game Sekai layout

Layout made by me for late 2002.
(ugly menu textlinks are NOT mine *grin*)

Work in progress... not home!
Trying to get all/most of the new code working before I start on the eyecandy.