Threaded comments

Something I’ve been meaning to add for quite some time, threaded comments. It makes it a lot easier to reply to certain comments and maintain the context. Give it a try and say hi. :)

WordPress for iPhone 2

And here we are testing the new version 2 of the WordPress for iPhone app. So far so good, it’s a big improvement over the previous version. Who knows, I might even start posting again now. ;)

Maybe. I’ve been thinking about adding some more iPhone related stuff around here and tweaking the layout a bit to make it more phone friendly seeing as that’s my main method of browsing these days.

Hmm, joy, sorry to say but the new iPhone app is still a pain in the ass for me. I saved a draft, added a picture and a lot of text and hit publish and tada, an ugly picture published without adhering to my thumbnail settings and more importantly; all the text from after the first save was gone.
Yeah… I think I’ll stick to ye good olde web backend to write my posts.

Looking for a WordPress Search plugin

Does anybody know of a WordPress plugin that makes it possible to search across multiple WordPress blogs with one search request? I’m running several installations here (like this one and the Triforce one) that all run from the same database, and it’d be great to have a way to search the content of all of them at once.

WordPress Theme Directory

So the official WordPress Theme Directory is finally reopened. Yay.
Now it would be nice if the demo / live preview blog showcased all the features that WordPress offers so we can actually see whether the themes support it.
I want to see subpages (and hell, more than 2 pages), I want to see gallery posts, posts with images left, center and right aligned. I want to see comments, gravatars, block quotes, code blocks, everything!

WordPress 2.6

Woohoo, it hath arrived! I’m very much looking forward to installing it tonight and giving it a go. The new features look very interesting, I’m curious how much use I’ll have for versioning but it’s good that it’s there either way for when building more CMS-like web apps. The new ‘Press this’ also makes it a lot easier to post about something you’re reading on the web.

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Upgrade or else?

According to this post everyone HAS to keep updating WordPress to the latest version, because otherwise you risk getting hacked. Which is sound advice, but… on the other hand, why? I did upgrade to 2.5 and I think it’s a big step in the wrong direction. I don’t like the admin panel, with a new dashboard where you can’t add or remove anything without adding a plugin for that because they seem to have forgotten to implement it. With an advanced media manager whose advanced options I don’t like. Oh, and you can now select if you want to left or right align a picture. For which it adds some css. Which doesn’t work here. Which is why I can still add my own align=”left”. Or with a new widget interface, which was once meant as a simple system so newbies could drag and drop and tweak their look without having to know any code. Except the drag and drop is now gone. And so is the feature that you could remove a widget and it would still remember its settings so if you dragged a text widget from one bar to another the text would still be there. And gone is gzip as an option because according to ‘them’ we don’t need it.
And so on and so forth. So I don’t like this ‘you HAVE to update or risk death’ because I don’t want to HAVE to upgrade and lose features and ease of use. Everywhere you can read about people who hate 2.5 and rolled back to 2.3.3. Which is good for now, but undoubtedly soon there are going to be exploits discovered for it, which can only be ‘fixed’ by upgrading.
I’m posting this in 2.5 so I can’t roll back without at least losing this and a few recent posts. I’m still contemplating it. If someone decides to fork 2.3.3 I might.

WordPress 2.5

Well, it’s been out for a few days but judging by this FAQ and the comments there I’m considering waiting with an upgrade until 2.5.1 sees the light of day. Or maybe upgrade one of my smaller blogs first before I bork this one.

Fluency Admin

Fluency Admin for WordPress plugin
Wordpress 2.5 is coming, and with it comes a new admin backend interface that, according to most, is a step backwards. I’m not quite sure I agree with it and I’m glad it at least gets an overhaul. As for the aesthetics, Fluency Admin is a plugin I’m going to install to take care of that, because I think it looks really slick.

WordPress group?

Work in progress... not home!
Trying to get all/most of the new code working before I start on the eyecandy.