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GreyBlog theme
Gotta love open source; Design by David Herreman, WordPressed by Ericulous, Widgetized by me. I loved the look of it but our WordPress MU bloggers all want their widgets. So after modifying it I figured other people might like it as well…


Spam anti spam

So WordPress’ Matt extends a hand of friendship to allow other blogging systems to use his wonderful Akismet.
Awesome. I love Akismet.
So why am I not allowed to use Akismet on my WordPress MU installation here on the site even though I’m not an enterprise and I’m only running it for a couple of friends? I’d have to buy a $150 a month enterprise key.
Riiight, like I can afford that.

WordPress 2.0 at last

Finally upgraded to WordPress 2.0 and the latest K2 version. Took a while before I decided to make the jump because I read a lot of horror stories about people being left with b0rked databases, incompatible plugins and lots of other problems.
But here we are, and everything seems to be fine. K2 didn’t require that much tweaking except for adding my own stuff back into a few of the php files. So all’s well from the looks of it, time to see if I can find some new and 2.0 exclusive plugins. This version seems to be more dev oriented with little difference for the enduser, except for a new visual editor everyone seems to disable straight away (me included) and a luvly image upload/manager which works like a charm after some getting used to.

Back to WordPress

b2evolution looks pretty damn stale at the moment. Hardly any new themes or releases. Promises of a new major withstanding it’s all starting to look a bit old and if it weren’t that to the best of my knowledge it’s still the best of the multi-user systems I’d switch to something else.
In the mean time it’s time to resurrect this thing to see what WP can do and post some randomness now and again. Still not linked anywhere so all is quiet for now.

Work in progress... not home!
Trying to get all/most of the new code working before I start on the eyecandy.