Dragon Wars

a.k.a. D-War.
“Since the dawn of what became a legend, the most unimaginable is about to occur . This summer, experience the absolute conquest of all mankind. Beginning with one search. For the one and only. The chosen one. Descended from the heavens above. Welcome to Dragon Wars.”


D-War posterThe most unimaginable did occur. Independent movie, based on Korean legend, written and directed by a Korean, featuring dragons and evil armies… surely you agree this sound brilliant and the only point of worry would be cheesy effects… right?
Well wrong. As you can partially deduce from the trailer, there’s nothing wrong with the effects, in fact I loved all the cgi work (especially the end battle and the stuff in LA), but somewhere along the lines the movie got butchered to pieces. It starts out fine like a fantasy movie with gorgeous effects, then a nice flashback to the 1500’s, brilliant battle and so on, but then it takes a horrible turn as the legend gets butchered to make 2 people in LA the central characters, and LA the main battleground. Enter the morons, FBI and what not and it just never feels right.

Still, if you love dragon stuff or you’re a sucker for cgi; check it out anyway.

Dragon Wars Screenshot

3 Responses to Dragon Wars

  1. xD! D-wars! I’ve been wanting to see this ever since i hurd about it when looking up korean movies x3

  2. Looks good, going to have to look out for it. (here’s where they don’t show it in Liverpool cinema’s ¬_¬)

    :3 i ganked it from here if anyone else is looking for it.. i’m to impatient to wait for it to come to theaters…

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