Sony vs. Microsoft

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  1. All I want to add to those links is this:

    I’m not saying that the policies that MS is trying to push are good ideas (hint: they’re not), but the games that are coming for Xbox One are looking pretty good.

    • Different strokes for different folks. I’ve always liked the PS more in any incarnation because I prefer Japanese games, a market MS has never gained much footing and for the One it hasn’t even been announced yet. There’s nothing in the One launch list that’s One exclusive AND appeals to me. Not that launch lists are much to go by, but I doubt Japan will all of a sudden have a change of heart and embrace MS.
      Besides, most of the games in the launch lists seem to be multi platform, in which case the policies do come into play as people will be more willing to pick Sony over MS, with all their current nonsense, if the games they want are available for both new consoles.

      Not that I’m buying a console any time soon, but it’s interesting to keep track of the news and I like that people finally seem to have enough of the ever increasing restrictions on stuff we damn well bought.
      Now Sega just needs to get back into the hardware game and I shall rejoice.

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