Warcraft Europe is down

Warcraft Europe down

Looks like most of Europe can’t get online in Warcraft, this started last night with random disconnects and world server going down.
Saw this posted on the forums where it’s drowned in all the nerdrage comments, thought it was worth a share:

Managing Director of the most populated online game in the world: what’s happening?
Tech Employee: The whole of Europe has gone offline!
Managing Director: holy crap!, what are we doing about it?
Tech Employee: I just made some coffee.
Financial Director: It’s ok China and the US are still online.
Managing Director: So what is the problem?
Financial Director: Like I said, China and the US are still online, so no problem!
Managing Director: No! I mean what is the Technical problem?
Tech Employee: The whole of Europe has gone offline!
Managing Director: WHY?
Tech Employee: Well …eeeer… hmmmm
Managing Director: Do you know what the problem is?
Tech Employee: oh yeah, of course … Europe has gone offline!
Financial Director: Not China or US though
Managing Director: what are we telling people?
Communications director: Nothing!
Managing Director: WHY?
Communications director: Because we don’t know anything!
Managing Director: Why don’t we know anything?
Tech Employee: We are working on fixing the problem
Managing Director: WHAT IS THE PROBLEM?
Tech Employee: Europe has gone offl…
Tech Employee: I am the Technical Director
Managing Director: So tell me when this will be fixed, and why do you only look about 16 years old?
Tech Employee: When Europe comes back online and I am 16 and a half actually!
Managing Director: Tell them something… anything! Tell ME something!
Tech Employee: Anything?
Managing Director: Something!
Tech Employee: Coffee is ready
Managing Director: NO! about what went wrong, how we are fixing it and how the hell we sort this mess out!
Communications director: To be honest, We don’t know what went wrong and it’s all a bit technical so we don’t know how to fix it but we can just blame someone else and tell people we are talking to them.
Managing Director: They will buy that?
Financial Director: Of course
Tech Employee: Do you need me to do anything?
Managing Director: You can fix the damn problem!
Tech Employee: Anything realistic?
Communications director: Keep quiet, pretend you are working and pour that coffee.


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  1. Good thing I don’t have time to play today anyway!

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