World of Warcraft – Cataclysm

… women.
So, a few months ago my better half decided to stop playing WoW because she was annoyed with all the twats playing online, and because she felt she should quit to focus on her studies.
After that, as I was wondering about quitting myself to focus on more productive things, my credit card expired and I didn’t bother to update my account with the new card details. So after a bit of twitching we were both off the hook.
Much to my surprise, today out of the blue she suggested getting Cataclysm and starting on a new RP-only server to avoid the morons.
I think we all know where this is going…

9 Responses to World of Warcraft – Cataclysm

  1. They will appear anywhere…
    Studies and moneys first…

    And zomg, I rebought Eve Online T_T
    And playing World of Tanks MMO Beta T_T

    • So in other words you’re giving us “do as I say, not as I do” advice. ;p
      But it’s nice to check out what’s new, new races, new areas, new stories. And exploring it all together.
      So you caved and restarted… how is that going, lots of new stuff or a disappointment?

  2. Well actually Eve online is the yearly free small ship and
    few days free reactivation thing D= Even more skills and no more no
    active training stuff D= More planet stuff apparantly, and no
    possible solar system to myself thing D= World of tanks a nice free
    beta~ A battle a day per tank (got 8) is okay and fast 30 min or

  3. i was gonna ask “where do you find the time…?” but since your partner seems to be the initiator …. i get it.

    • Yeah, I’m lucky (or doomed) when it comes to that. Most guys will have their wife or gf complaining if they spend any time on games. Mine actually plays more games than me.

  4. Oi, I am playing because of vacation. :D While I do have more time to play than you do, I has studies. And I takes them srsly.

    Bwah, too early in the morning. Going to bed now. z.z

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