World of Warcraft – Starter Edition

Starter Edition? More like the Don’t Start Edition:

  • Can’t use the Auction House for buying or selling.
  • Can’t trade items.
  • Can’t send or receive mail using the mailbox.
  • 10G gold cap.
  • Level 20 cap.
  • Can only pick races from the original Warcraft and the Burning Crusade expansion.
  • Can’t start a group party.
  • Can’t start or join a guild.
  • Can’t start a duel.
  • A profession cap of 100. This is for professions like skinning and leatherworking. All the supporting professions like First Aid and Cooking seem uncapped, although you will eventually run into the 10G cap when you want to upgrade them all the way.
  • Can’t whisper anyone unless they’re in your friend list and you’re in theirs.
  • Can’t use trade or general chat or any of the others.

Oddly enough it also makes this Free to Play version of Warcraft more interesting.
In the past, if you knew what you were doing it was dead easy to make enough gold right from the start to buy the best items, gear and what not. Now you actually have to work for it, and grind for the items as you can no longer buy them outright. I like.
My character name? Ontsa. Oh not this shit again.

2 Responses to World of Warcraft – Starter Edition

  1. o.O; Wow… The free to play games i play, well its the full game and you can play without paying a dime, but since i love vanity items >.> i usually once every 2-3 months spurge 10-20 bucks xD . But i have played many F2P games and gotten up into higher levels without spending a dime. The Exp potions are a nice bonus if you wanted to speed up your leveling. Hell in Perfect World i don’t even need to buy virtual currency because i make enough money from my loot that i sell to buy the items needed for exp boost o.o; but i but do spend money on clothes and dyes. XD I suppose that is typical for a girl.

    Anyways enough of my love for free to play games.. x.o; This so called free to play version of wow is just not even what i would consider a free to play… This is more like a Crippled free to play. Hell not even that. It’s like.. well hell i cant think of the words but.. with it so restricted like that… to me .. isn’t even worth playing o.o;. Need to have a bit more freedom so its not crippled and loose the level cap. Well if it wanted to call itself free to play.. x_o; Free to play my ass more like “Here have a look at our game~ Nope you cant go higher than twenty, and nope you cant do this or that, but if really want to play then pay for subscription and everything will be unlocked ;D” Like a slap in the face.. D:<

  2. You’re absolutely right, and you’re not.
    With regard to the other free to play games, that’s all awesome, except none of them would work on a Mac, and certainly not a 6 year old Mac Mini without a graphics card. Even if they would work I could literally count frames.
    Yes this version of Warcraft is crippled, but it also makes it cool. Warcraft is built to push everyone to endgame play. That’s at level 85. So it’s become easier and easier to race from 1 to 85. There’s a group of people who don’t like this and prefer the older content, so they stop levelling at certain brackets to enjoy the game for all it’s worth at that level. One of those brackets is 19-20. And by disabling the Auction House you actually have to work and play for your gear to get good shit, which makes it a lot more fun than just walking into the AH at low level, selling a few stacks of leather and watching the cash roll in in such amounts that you’ll be able to buy the best of the gear during the rest of your levelling experience.
    So ironically the crippled version is a lot more rewarding.

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