If you’re interested in all things weird with regard to Japan this can be fun to watch. Jonathan Ross presents slices of japanese oddities in his own unique way. Unfortunately the show goes downhill after season 1, which is highly original and fast paced, by including a co presenter and some lame british band touring Japan, both of which have to be introduced in the same way in every episode. Also the fast pace is gone in season 2. Season 3 tries to recapture that a bit but seems to assume no one watched season 1 and therefor regurgitating most of it.
Let’s hope they make a season 4 and get everything right again.

3 Responses to Japanorama

  1. Mahaha, I saw one of these way back when – specifically, the one about realistic latex dolls, women taking man hormones to grow beards because some other women were more comfortable with that than men, and air sex. Like air guitar, but, y’know.

    All in all, it presented a rather coloured view of the country =P

  2. I just started watching it on youtube because of your article. Pretty hillarious so far. Gives me more reasons to continue my Japan studies and look behind these impressions.

  3. Yeah I’ve watched those series. Definitely gives you a colourful view of Japanese culture!

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