More than meets the eye

6 Responses to More than meets the eye

  1. I will have to see it with my cousins then. I will take them out and try to get them hooked on Transformers. ;) Though they’re only 5 and 7. ;)

  2. That’s the perfect age for them, it’s when I got hooked on the original G1 series back in….. way too long ago.

  3. o.o im so going to see that..

  4. I would watch this movie even if it sucked ;-)
    Although as time passes, the movie just keeps getting more interesting.
    Must see, for sure!

    /me is a big G1 fan (from day 1… Euro Channel’s Fun Factory, iirc)

  5. *thumbs up* Let me know, we can go together.

  6. *salutes* Will do!

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