Faderhead – FH3 is coming!

The gods are smiling, I just posted that FH3 wouldn’t be released and now Faderhead has just announced that he’s found a new label, FH3 will be released on October 10th and he’s released the first single on YouTube. And what a gorgeous song.

You can read the whole announcement on his site, then hop on over to L-Tracks to sign up for the newsletter and receive the mp3 of Exit Ghost for free.

It’s a good day.

4 Responses to Faderhead – FH3 is coming!

  1. Hoorah.

  2. Bah, can’t edit my comment. I mean to sound more enthusiastic! HOORAH! YAY! I just didn’t have a good morning.

    I am excited. The lyrics and the beat are grindalicious for a lack of better words. Keep it up, Sam!

  3. Quite nice. Always good to see an artist continuing their work!

    I can’t help thinking though that it needs a bit of a break down, bring in some guitars or crunchy synths, something like that. Good track to remix i’d say.

  4. FANTASTIC! That’s so exciting. Will be buying upon release. <3Faderhead.

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