Musicwise this is probably the best week of the year

2 albums are released which I know will be among my 3 faves of the year without even having heard them yet.
First up is VNV Nation‘s new album “Matter and form” which I hope will rival “Empires”, which is definately one of my favourite albums ever.
And secondly at last the new Diorama cd, titled “Amaroid”. At last because their last album dates back to 2002 and I love both that one and the older “Her liquid arms”.

It’s rather cool, to me at least, that both are being released at roughly the same time because I stumbled across Empires and Her liquid arms at the end of 2002 and both grew on me so much, because of their lyrics, music and the mood coupled with my state of being at the time. So I’m looking forward to see if the 2 new ones will live up to my expectations.

Yay for EBM/synthpop/Darkwave or whatever it’s called these days.


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