My top 10 of favorite albums

Having listened to so much different music I’ve always ducked out of those blog meme’s where people tag you to make a top 10 list, it’s just not something I can shake out of my sleeve that quickly. This needs careful consideration and pondering. I don’t just want to grab the 10 albums I’m listening to the most at the moment, for it to be a real top 10 of my all time favorite albums I need to think long hard and include some music I might not have listened to in years but has still been influential. So here we are at last, my top 10 of all time favorite albums, maybe slightly colored by my current taste after all, but as complete as it’ll ever be.

1) Jean Michel Jarre – Concerts in China
No music list I make could be complete without Jean Michel Jarre. Even though I don’t listen to it too much anymore I can safely say that no other musician has had such a big impact on me as him. I had to pick one so I went for the Concerts in China, but it could just as well have been Equinoxe, Oxygene, Magnetic Fields, Zoolook or Rendezvous.

2) Kamelot – The Black Halo
Best metal album ever, and the only (imho of course) successful attempt at the whole story in an album gig.

3) Metallica – The Black Album
Honorable mention because it, like for many people my age, opened the world of metal up to us. Sure there are better albums by better groups, but this was probably the first popular and accessible metal album that got loved and bought by an entire generation.

4) Diorama – The Art of Creating Confusing Spirits
It was a coin toss between The Art of Creating Confusing Spirits and Her Liquid Arms, both are absolutely beautiful and represent a certain period of my life, as I think all great music does.

5) VNV Nation – Empires
Don’t listen to this if you’re feeling rather blue already, but one of the highlights of the whole EBM genre.

6) Toto – Dune OST
Best soundtrack ever, and a bit of a hidden gem. To this day I cannot understand how a band known for their sappy love songs like “Pamela” & “Stop loving you” can come up with something as amazing as this.

7) Tunnel Trance Force vol. 6
I think 6 was the first one I bought after hearing it in a store in Germany about x years ago. What I loved about the Tunnel Trance series was that it was upbeat, melodic, spacey and brilliantly mixed. There were dozens of Trance compilation cd’s around, but only DJ Dean made them quite as awesome as this.

8) Faderhead – FH1
Deliciously different.

9) Underworld OST
Produced by Danny Lohner of Nine Inch Nails it’s just brilliant from start to finish. Favourites would Puscifer’s REV 22:20 and the remix of David Bowie’s Bring Me The Disco King, but the whole album just has a unique feel to it that really fit the movie.

And there you have it. Where’s number 10? Well, I keep getting a nagging feeling I’m forgetting something really important, so this is in case it suddenly dawns on me.
I could make a list of honourable mentions for all the bands not listed, but that would probably digress into a top 100. Maybe some other time.

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  1. VNV are pretty awesome, I have to admit, also, Jean Michel Jarre is just a musical genius when he plays live.

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