Six degrees of idiocy

A new documentary started on the BBC tonight, entitled “Six degrees of separation“.
I got bored with it halfway.

Some so called scientists are now researching networks, which according to them has never been done before. They rehash some old data, like a Hollywood game where every actor ever is connected to Kevin Bacon in at the most 6 hops. Then another genius comes along who’s researched the internet and was shocked to discover that some sites are more linked to than others. Then this genius hooks up with the other geniuses to come to the brilliant discovery that some actors know more actors than others. According to the BBC narrator a scientific breakthrough.
Here’s where we turned off the television.

I vaguely remember documentaries being more than rehashed, dumbed down, pseudo scientific babbling. But unfortunately that seems to be the trend these days.

6 Responses to Six degrees of idiocy

  1. I got as far as the trailer.. wtf are we paying for these days.. bloody dancing on ice and celebrity ballroom dancing?.. where is the public service aspect of the bbc gone? .. all they broadcast these days is moronic drivel.. C4 for any good docus.. henry viii was great.

  2. Ah yes, the BBC’s wonderful programming. They already spend too much money on advertising their own channel… on their own channel (I can’t remember the exact cost, but I remember being shocked at how much it was. Is it really neccessary to fly a crew over to Africa so you can shoot palm trees through a sunroof, or could you have just gone to a garden centre on a sunny day? Nah, that would be saving money, and the public pays for that! )

    I’m watching very little of BBC these days. Repeats, stuff we already know, stuff that goes without saying, and stuff that no-one really cares about.

    If we’re paying the liscence fee, we really aught to be able to have more say. Or at least be able to spank someone when they spend that money on something bloody stupid.

  3. I saw an interesting program a few weeks back. It was called ‘Why is there nothing on TV’. It was an attempt to explain why so many channels insist on repeats and watered down re-dressed nonsense.

    One point raised was that the BBC has absolutely no excuse. They are funded by the TV license, so they have a guaranteed income no matter how stinky ratings are. Its risk free… so why do they insist on repeats and wishy washy programming? Aparently they see the success of other programs and try to imitate them, badly.

    I know its a big ask for a channel to have excellent stuff on all the time, but come on. They put this kind of hash, and even REPEATS on at prime time!

  4. It’s the main reason I can’t be bothered with switching to digital. Watch the same crap in higher ‘quality’ and pay more? I don’t think so.

  5. We get a free digital ackage bundled with the phone and net connection (yay for cable!) we don’t get a huge variety of channels, but its better than just having the terrestrial channels, and we get a load of on demand and catchup features with the box.

    If you don’t watch a lot of TV though, you probably wouldn’t be bothered :P

  6. @XIII:
    If you have cable, all you need is a digital settop box-thingymajig and a corresponding key-card to put into it.
    That’s the only cost for watching the crap in better quality.
    The analog channels you receive now, are also transmitted (for no extra cost) as digital channels.

    On the other hand:
    I watch television about once a month… (or not at all). So, I can understand your reluctance for investing in diigital.

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