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Disc 1



Song Name

"FFXI Opening Theme"

Legend - The Crystal Theme

Memory of the People

Memory de la S^tono

Memory of the Wind

02 Vana'diel March
03 The Kingdom of San d'Oria
04 Ronfaure
05 Battle Theme
06 Chateau d'Oraguille
07 Batallia Downs
08 The Republic of Bastok
09 Gustaberg
10 Metalworks
11 Rolanberry Fields
12 The Federation of Windurst
13 Heavens Tower
14 Sarutabaruta
15 Battle in the Dungeon
16 Sauromugue Champaign
17 Mhaura
18 Buccaneers
19 Battle Theme #2
20 Voyager
21 Selbina


Disc 2



Song Name
01 Prelude
02 Regeneracy
03 Hume Male
04 Hume Female
05 Elvaan Male
06 Elvaan Female
07 Tarutaru Male
08 Tarutaru Female
09 Mithra
10 Galka
11 Airship
12 The Grand Duchy of Jeuno
13 Ru'Lude Gardens
14 Recollection
15 Anxiety
16 Battle in the Dungeon #2
17 Blackout
18 Mog House
19 Hopelessness
20 Fury
21 Tough Battle
22 Sorrow
23 Sometime, Somewhere
24 Xarcabard
25 Despair (Memoro de la S^tono)
26 Castle Zvahl
27 Shadow Lord
28 Awakening
29 Repression (Memoro de la S^tono)
30 Vana'diel March #2



If you would like to use these MIDIs on your site, please make sure

that you link back to FFMO on the pages that use them.



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