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 Final Fantasy VI: Piano Collections

Translated by Tomo


Can anyone describe the emotions we get from music? 

Music is not for thinking. It is meant for feeling. Don't use your head. Knowledge or experience is not needed in order to feel happiness from the white cold snow, warm smells of flowers, heart warming meal, blue ocean, or the touch of your lover's hand. Same applies to music. Just feel it. 

If you wish to get in touch deeply with music, just try to set in with it. Music is a wave, as well as our feelings. 

Believe in the music you are listening, and hand your heart over to it. It is like tuning a radio to the right station. When the wave lengths match (and only if,) you will understand everything the music is wanting to tell you. Keep the emotions you get to your heart, such as joy, sadness, happiness, and anger. Do not be ashamed of being moved by music. Praise yourself from being so honest. 

Nobuo Uematsu


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