Castlevania: Lament of Innocence

GAME TITLE: Castlevania: Lament of Innocence
DATE LAUNCHED: 11.21.03 (North America)
11.27.03 (Japan)
02.13.04 (Europe)
CONSOLE: PlayStation 2
GENRE: Action / Adventure / Horror
EXTRA MODES / GOODIES: Sound-Select, 2 hidden playable characters, “crazy” difficulty
DEVELOPER: Konami Computer Entertainment Tokyo

As the very first Castlevania to reach the PlayStation 2, Lament of Innocence tells the story on the origins of the Belmont Clan and Dracula.

The music to Lament of Innocence: a bit of a dark, melodic feel mixed in w/ a bit of techno. The Graphics of Konami’s latest game in the series .. are simply just awesome Razz this is what Castlevania is meant to be in 3-D (and thankfully didn’t mess up like the 2 games released in the N64 a few years back >__> )
SCORE – 9/10

– [ GAME-PLAY ] –
If your one of those people who fall into the category of those who are experiencing Castlevania for the first time through Lament of Innocence, you might have a bit of trouble getting used to the controls and such .. but thankfully there’s a training ground at the very beginning of the game when you first enter the castle. other than that, I really didn’t like the real-time menu in the game, especially when you’re up against a boss. But other than that .. the controls are a plus. Very Happy
SCORE – 9/10

The difficulty throughout the game varies by each section of the castle grounds. some seem hard while some may seem a little easy. The monsters in the game will also vary by area, from huge to tiny .. each has their own abilities along w/ strengths and weaknesses. Overall .. it’s not that hard of a game if you know what you’re doing and where’s you’re going. Razz
SCORE – 8/10

– [ STORY ] –
the story of Lament of Innocence takes place in the 11th Century (which is 10 centuries in the past from the GBA’s Aria of Sorrow). Lament of Innocence lets players lead the role of Leon Belmont… a noble and courageous young man who fears nothing, and forefather of the legendary Belmont Clan. Leon is about to become engaged to his beloved, Sara, only to find that she has been mysteriously kidnapped and brought to the castle of Dracula known as “Eternal Night”. Once Leon has received word of his betrothed’s kidnapping, he then sets out to solve the mystery. On the way to the castle, he meets an alchemist, and unexpected ally, known as Rinaldo. before setting out the castle after meeting Rinaldo, Leon receives a whip of alchemy that is given to him by Rinaldo. A great legend, is about to begin …
SCORE – 9/10


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