Final Fantasy X-2

Game Title: Final Fantasy X-2
Console: Playstation 2
No. of Players: 1
Release Date: Nov 2003 (USA)
Genre: RPG
Developer: Square Enix
Publisher: Square Enix
Age: Teen

After defeating Sin (FF X) Yuna’s mission as a summorer is done and peace has returned to the land of Spira. She joined her cousin Rikku and became part of the Guilwings, a group of sphere hunters that travel the land of sphere in search of rare spheres about Spira’s past that they can sell the highest bidder. Yuna stills has dreams about visions about a mysterious handsome young man that she can’t seem to place her finger on. Joing the Guilwings takes Yuna many places across Spira and often times she bumbs into the Guilwings rival the Syndicate, which is headed by the sexy LeBlanc. LeBlanc is more bark than bite so it doesn’t bother Yuna and crew too much. However the Calm, the period after Sin was destroyed and peace in Spira was suppose to be the new black as its called, is being threated by two groups that both have their idea of how to run things New Yevon and Bevile, which is under new leadership; as these two groups clash all of Spira looks as it’s headed back into war. A mysterious machine is rumored to be beneath Bevile and both groups claim the right to it. Yuna doesn’t seem to get any peace and once again she’s summoned to save Spira from destruction by fiends and such and put an end to the feud between Bevile and New Yevon.

Final Fantasy X-2 screenshotGameplay
You will play as Yuna and you’ll recieve infomation from Brother about new spheres or places that need the Guilwings assestance. You’ll be beamed down and have to fix whatever went wrong. That’s really it in a nut shell but it’s much more complicated–I just don’t have that level of vocabulary to describe well enough. The missions you’ll have to complete and range from a lot of things, from defeating fiends to catch a Chocoboo–damn bird! Now to give you some freedom the game is set up but certain “points” that once completed you go onto another part of the story; however, you don’t have to do that right away. Instead you can go to several different areas of Spira and see what’s going on there–ya never now you might get a dresssphere. Now this is an RPG so you’ll have to level up and not just loaf around all day (but I wanna). As you explore Spira you will often fall into random battles, which you have the option of escaping sometimes, while you explore the land of Spira as Yuna when in battle you are aided by her two sexy team mates Rikku and Paine (sexy! Cool) You have control over each character and can have them perfom different tasks. You can also have them change dresspheres mid-battle which is good when you’re fighting certain fiends/enemies that would be defeated easier in other dressphere. Much of the games focus is one the dresspheres, which are customs that have certain attributes and powers attached to each. Now the Dressphere cover a board range of things, from a Alchemist to a (scared animal) Trainer. Now most dressphere can be used by all the girls, but there are also special dresspheres that each girl has which you have to find somewhere in Spira. Now the dresspheres have abilities that you’ll have to unlock and that’s by getting AP points after you defeat the bad guys. Either way experimenting with Dresspheres is the best to find you favorites and better than just staying with the default dresspheres.

The graphics in this game are awesome. Now only are the cutscenes to-die-for, literally, but the game play itself is pretty wild. The Land of Spira is pretty big except for the islands, which you must fly too, you can go from one part of Spira and walk to the next (I suggest you put on the charm bangle to avoid battle encounters and just enjoy the scenery). During gameplay the graphics aren’t so well but still top notch. It’s Final Fantasy so you kind of expect these things to go without say. The best part are when there are those in-game cutscenes.

Controls & Camera
85/100 (Please don’t hurt me!)
There really isn’t much complexity in terms of controls and certainly not the camera function, and really for this game there is no real reason for it to be. While exploring you play as Yuna, you use the dialog stick or direction pad. You press “X” for “Yes” and “O” for “cancel”, see not complicated at all. The camera is automatic, while you’re exploring you have an overview of the area around you, you can’t focus in or out–which is somewhat of a let down; the same during battle, often the camera will just change positions focusing in on something else. Overall it isn’t bad at all and still pretty much something you won’t notice or really want to change–unless of course you’re some kind of pervert that wants to get a closer peek at Paine in that Lady Luck costume. XD

Sounds & Music
The music in this game is awesome, and I’m not just talking about one of the many performances by Yuna on stage–those are breathless. The background music is pretty cool and epic sometimes and other times it’s pretty laid back, all depends on the enviroment you’re in. The character voices are all pretty interesting, mastering the Al Bed language was a challenge but it was fun when I could understand what Rikku was saying.

All RPGs try their best to take the role playing experiance a memorable one, well Final Fantasy X-2 does an awesome job. There is so much to do in this game that you might not finish it all in one run, which is good because there is the New Game Plus option, which allows you to start over the game with 99% (I made that up on the spot) of your items and dresspheres and the amount of percent you’ve completed (currently I’m at 89% and I started over about 3 times now, I just can’t get Episode Complete in that stage–Damnit!) so all you have to do is go back and do what you didn’t the last time around. There are A LOT of sidequest in this game, so much so that I can’t name them all off for you, but I’ll say this you’ll be busy for a while. Now you don’t have to do the sidequest, that’s kind of why they are called sidequest, but really it’s the side quest that make this game better than a most. You don’t have to do all you could just do some and be content, but you’ll miss out on a lot of options.

Being the first ever real sequal in Final Fantasy history Final Fantasy X-2 took on a dimension of its own, it didn’t just stay with the story but formed it owned just used characters from a previous one. A lot of the things are different and for the most part you feel as if you’re playing another game, the game doesn’t make to many references to the previous game so you won’t feel lost. The game keeps you busy a long while, with an interesting story with several plot twist (the biggest one at the ending), and the sidequest will keep you busy when you just want something to do. If you’re just looking to continue playing the same format you did in FF X you might be in for a disappointment or two, because the game does branch away from its predisessor. I must admit the new game feature was much fun since I was able to go back and beat up bosses that use to kill me in an instant with items you couldn’t normally get until Chapter 5. Twisted Evil There is a lot to do in this game and a lot of interesting to unlock and defeat. The basic storyline is pretty easy to get through but in some of the sidequest it will really push you and challenge you to defeat them all. Great game all around.

By Cherubim


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