Car fun, part … I lost track

Mitsubishi rocks
And so, 2 weeks after the last 850 euro repair… here’s a picture of my car standing on the highway with me sitting in the grass, waiting for the garage to tow the damn thing as it’s got the exact same problem again.

Whoops, kaboom
While sitting there smoking a cigarette another car drove by and stopped about 50 meters after mine and developed so much smoke that at one point both lanes were invisible.
Then Rijkswaterstaat drove by and joined the fun along with a motor cop and we all stood there having a chat and enjoying the sun.
A fun friday morning.

2 Responses to Car fun, part … I lost track

  1. My thoughts on it I already posted in the ‘Random Thinking’ thread. :p

    It does suck but at least I have you a day with me. xD

  2. I am really sorry that you are having trouble with your car again :(
    Hope you have guarantee on the first repair last week? If it’s the same problem, they didn’t repair it right, right?

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