October again already

Finally watched Iron Man (funnier than I figured it’d be, and damn the suit looked cool), finished watching Itazura Na Kiss (I would have liked this to go on for longer, but then again that’s the sign of any good series), played and finished Professor Layton and the Curious Village for the Nintendo DS (brilliant little game) and caught up with a buttload of paperwork not counting all the stuff that’s still ‘in progress’. I hate bureaucracy. But life’s good. Just a tad busy.
Oh, and somewhere last week I missed Fortis and ABN Amro being bought by the Dutch government. Good news for some of us. Ah, and every now and again I spend an hour working on hoping to wrap that up soon. I updated our member blogs but I doubt anyone noticed or cared so I stopped posting news updates there. Pretty soon I hope to spend some more time beefing up the Triforce section if I can find some people interested in posting about anime, manga, games or Final Fantasy.

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  1. Hai! I will write for you. I need to move my blog stuff to your triforceness me thinks. Or write new reviews for new series. Fortunately, the second volumes of Vampire Knight and Rosario + Vampire are coming out this month so I can give an episode by episode analysis. I am number one on the search engine for Sekirei Wallpapers and on the first page somewhere for Itazura Na Kiss Reviews me thinks. I will bring you in some traffic, neh? ;)

  2. That is a great game ;) Don’t think it’s been advertised enough really for how interesting it is.

    I’m hoping to start getting into more anime/manga as well since I’ve been neglecting it for some time. Think more on the manga front though since I found an awesome scan site to look through (that and I’ve been reminiscing over the good old Dallow days :p)

  3. Heh, got a mail from you few weeks ago… it really suprised me to be honest. It’s good to hear the people from years ago are still kickin and hanging around. To think of the old days from the Triforce, makes one want they were never gone… heh, anyway, good to hear from you man, and take care ^_^

    – Daiju (

  4. An email? Oh yeah, seems a lot of people were unaware we were still around, hence the mail. We never really left, hehe.
    Raven: I’m looking forward to the next 2 Professor Layton games. And the anime!
    And yeah, have a look around, we’ve been experimenting with WordPress as our content engine and found that using it makes new content show up on the radar a lot quicker and a lot more widely spread. Hence the whole Triforce thingie. So if we now start adding our new shtuff there everything should be back up to old levels in no time. Which then of course should lead to a few more members.
    Or so goes the theory.
    Some game reviews and Final Fantasy writings would also be very very nice. Especially the latter hasn’t had any real updates in aeons, whereas that’s how most of the regulars found their way to the site.

  5. I will definitely write FF reviews. Now if only I had XII and the future XIII. ;) CC is in the bag

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