Sign of the times #2

As mentioned in the previous post second hand stores are spreading more and more to the point that now even franchises are sprouting left and right specialized in selling second hand products.
The latest 2 in Heerlen are 4xG and Used Products.
Poverty, now featured on the main shopping streets. Yeah we’re doing good. Maybe for the next year they’ll replace some of the restaurants with soup kitchens.

2 Responses to Sign of the times #2

  1. (oo<) I love second hand stores. I really -dislike- the ones that mark up prices for stuff that was just donated free to them. Like something that should sell for 9 bucks, for say, a playstation with no controller or cords. Just the base console. Now they are marking this stuff up to 15~20 bucks.. They don't even test them to know if they work or anything..

    Now when i goto these stores there are -no- consoles or video games sitting around. And i'm assuming they have a new employee getting first dibs on it all and reselling it online …or the store themselves are taking this stuff off the shelf and selling it online via ebay. x_x; arg greed?..

    Ether way its been kinda boring going to one particular second hand store. Last item i found that was awesome was a never been used Playstation carrying case for 12 bucks. I thought it was cool enough to make it my new bag. XD Military canvas bag has ripped in all corners thanks to my MBP…

    I'm still on the look out for a SCPH-1001 playstation that has a working laser. <.< I have a SCPH-1001 but it wont read the games. Just cds. Works as a great cd player .. XD; i just want to repair/replace it.

    • The Used Products store was so new that they had a sign that said they were only buying as they needed inventory to sell. The 4xG was the classic ripoff store as you mention. They were selling a Gamecube for €35, a Gameboy Advance for €18 and they even had a iPad2, second hand, for €10 more than it costs new here at the moment. Same with the second hand games, most horribly overpriced and can be picked up cheaper and new at the bargain bin of any regular retailer.

      As for the SCPH-1001 model PS1, I’d imagine they’d be a dime a dozen by now, are they hard to find there?

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