Sinterklaas & Kerstmarkt

Being married to a Christmas fanatic we decided to go to Valkenburg today to check out the Kerstmarkt in the underground caves, quite a sight. On the way there we were held up in traffic because of what turned out to be Sinterklaas his big entrance in Valkenburg. Seeing as we were already there we went to have a peek. The poor people there waiting in the rain were a bit disappointed, he was about 45 minutes late and then left in such a hurry that all the kids and parents were left standing going ‘eh…’.

4 Responses to Sinterklaas & Kerstmarkt

  1. Is something wrong somewhere?. I commented how pretty the lights are and how much I like the polar bears.. and it’s vanished :S

  2. Weird, browser glitch or so? I can’t find it in the spam comments either. And seeing as Humane just commented on another photo it seems to work.

  3. could be.. it was very early this morning.. another comment went walkies too, but maybe that person isn’t speaking to me :) Odd thing was it posted at the time, then later it was missing.. like it was only cached rather than published.

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