Eve has developed her preferred sledding technique, which involves laying down on her back and holding on for dear life. Her head is sticking out though, so it’ll drag behind the sled through the snow, causing her to laugh like mad all the way down while snow is spraying up. Unfortunately I only have a picture of her at the bottom of the hill (the one above here), would have loved to get the whole thing on video. As you can imagine Kate and me where damn near falling over laughing our ass off.
Amy hates the cold and usually goes in turtle mode as soon as we walk out the door, sticking her head in her coat, or even better ours. But for some reason ever since we gave her new gloves she thinks snow is awesome and she runs around smacking it. From one heap to the next, smack smack, big grins, next heap, smack smack. Weird kid.
Good fun. :)

3 Responses to Sledding

  1. That looks like a lot of fun :)

    Though be careful, someone is trying to kidnap Eve in the first picture. Might be a zombie ;)

  2. Arrrrrr… brains.. My ears were freezing at that point so I decided I didn’t mind too much looking like a numpty with my scarf over my head. ;D

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