Snow and sledding

Tried to get to work this morning, but after 30 minutes I was only 2 streets from home, and on the radio they said there was a 50 km traffic jam on the 65 km route to work… so I turned around and told the missus to get ready to go out in the snow. Bought a sled and off we went to the local pond which was frozen over and had some people skating on it. A lovely start of the year, I just hope it won’t get too bad with the snow this night.

3 Responses to Snow and sledding

  1. Love it! I was out of Hamburg last weekend and there was a lot of snow in the countryside. When I came back sunday evening – it was raining in hamburg and nearly no snow was to be seen – that’s about the time when I dislike this city -.-“

  2. That looks great! :) I especially love the picture with you and mini miss on the sled :) You two look adorable ;)
    As far as I can see on your pictures you guys got as much snow as we did here. And looks like it won’t be gone any time soon, since the freezing cold will hold on to at least the weekend.
    Did you get to work al right this morning? Or staying at home whole week, like Croga is? ;)

  3. Teeheehee, I remember sledging, back in the days we had enough snow in Britain. I second the awesomeness of that picture of you and lil miss pink nose.

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