So yeah…

obviously, following the last post, and the lack of posts thereafter, we got sucked back into the wonderful World of Warcraft.
So happy new year, bla bla bla, we’re back off to Azeroth.
This time as 2 paladins on an rp server. There’s not a lot of roleplaying but there’s no asswipes either, so double win. Me as a protection pala tanking and the missus as a holy paladin healing. Healadins apparently don’t suck, it’s just other players that suck. It’s a nice combo to play with, very strong and with lots of heal and AoE abilities at the same time.
I like. Good company, good times.

3 Responses to So yeah…

  1. I’m flattered. I thought being a healadin would be difficult but I am finding it easier than the HoT spells of Druids.

    Oh wow, take a look at that. I know geek speak. *sigh*

  2. Are your horses standing on a roof? Oo

    • Yup, that’s the roof of the goldmine in Arathi Basin, a PvP battleground.
      When things get hectic you have a better vantage point scouting for incoming people from the roof.
      Or you can pose for a screenshot.

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