Stranded in the snow

I was supposed to work today, but the weather’s really gotten bad.
The parking lot behind the apartment complex here is totally snowed in, and there were a bunch of us trying to get out this morning, but to no avail. The cars are all just spinning in place, and even if you do get someone to help push the damn thing a few feet you’re stuck again. And again.
So we’re all working from home today. Yay for vpn.

Buses, mail delivery, nothing’s driving today. Even truckers are advised to stay home because a lot of trucks have gotten stuck. I can’t remember it ever having been this bad.
So much for global warming.

2 Responses to Stranded in the snow

  1. Wow, and I thought we had much snow here in Hamburg xD

  2. It was humorous to see him try to escape.

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