Aria volume 1

Author: Kozue Amano
Publisher: ADV Manga
Release Date: April 20, 2004
Genre: Adventure/ Coming of Age

Additional Notes:

  • Black and White
  • 186 Pages
  • Age: All

Volume 1 Review:
Year 2301 planet Aqua, which was once Mars, but after the melting of the polar caps the majority of the planet was covered by water hence the name Aqua, is beautiful and filled with people looking for a new life. That’s where we meet up with Akari Mizunashi, a young girl full of hope and the thirst of adventure. Akari came to mars from “Man-Home” a.k.a Earth, and is still in training to become an undine in the town of Neo-Venezia.

Neo-Venezia is a town model after Venice in Italy, most of the town is cover in water thus the majority of transportation is done by gondolas, the gondoliers are called undines. There is much competition in Neo-Venezia with several companies hoping to get you to pay for a trip through the city. Much of the technology in Neo-Venezia is pretty basic compared to that from Man-Home; the technology hasn’t reached Mars yet. Still Neo-Venezia is beautiful with its Miderterainian feel and old-world touch. Living in Neo-Venezia is sometimes hard for Akari since she is use to more modern things, but she is able to manage.

Akari Mizunashi is still however a trainee at the Aria Company, but it is her dream to become full-fledged undine soon. She has already made friends and seems to be fitting into her new lifestyle quite well. Akari is still new to Aqua, but she’s never bored; whether it’s helping those in need or watching the wedding of the Inari fox. With no communication with her family on earth Akari is all on her own, but she isn’t scared. What adventures await our young undine on the planet Aqua, as she tries to become an undine and make a living on her new home planet?


Definitely a good coming of age manga. It’s wonderfully written and the story is so cute and wholesome. The artwork is mixed: some times it’s dense and detailed and at other times very comical, but still well placed together. The first volume is composed of five different adventures that Akari experiences during her training. All five stories flow perfectly together and are a great read. There isn’t no hard-core action or fast paced adventure in this manga instead it’s warm and comforting book to read when ever. The story draws you in and no matter genre you like Aria will certainly be nice one to read.


By Cherubim


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