Written by: Maki Kazumi
Illustrator: Yukine Honami
Published by: Digital Magna Publishing
Release Date: October 2004
Genre: Yaoi (more Shonen-ai), Romance, Drama
Age: 18up…Some intense sex scenes, nothing too graphic but Kazumi really doesn’t leave much to the imagination if you know what I mean. Wink Desire does have a tendency of using adult words like the word “cum” a lot, and they openly talk sex and doing certain things during sex. Let us just say not meant for children! There’s a whole lot of smutty talk, I mean it.

Ryoji and Toru are best friends, they’ve been best friend since they started High School. However, their feelings for each other are about to boil over. Both of them have different ways to express their emotions for each other. Ryoji openly says that Toru turns him on; Toru doesn’t take it to heart, although he wants because Toru secretly has a crush on Ryoji, but doesn’t what Ryoji reaction would be if he told him.

Toru’s feelings begin to boil over inside, he is constantly being tortured whenever he sees Ryoji with a girl. Scared to realize that maybe Ryoji might like girls—although he is known for playing around, a lot, but never anything serious. Lets just say Ryoji has a reputation for screwing anything that walks on two legs, regardless if it’s an in-ie or an out-ie. ^^ Ryoji seems to be taking the new girl pretty seriously, which only means Toru has to bury his feelings even more. Toru friend Takaski, who is some what of the middle man, tells Toru that he really shouldn’t take what Ryoji to seriously because no matter how nice Ryoji he’ll break his heart. Ryoji is know for putting his desires above anyone else. However, Toru’s heart still beats for Ryoji and the fact that Ryoji said “you turn me on,” even jokingly turns Toru on. Toru can’t get Ryoji and his new girlfriend off his mind, he seems to be seeing two Ryoji’s: one that with a girl and the other that said he gets turned on by Toru, Toru believe that they’re the same person. Toru only becomes even more confused when Ryoji says that he thinks of him when he cums. Toru begins to think that Ryoji is playing with him and his emotions. It’s really driving him crazy. Ryoji really has no consideration for Toru feelings and the effect it has on him.

Things reach the height of excitement when Ryoji tells Toru that he wants to sleep with him. Pause! First, “You turn me on,” then, “You make me cum,” finally, “I want to sleep with you;” yeah that seems to be the right progression. Return! However it isn’t the romantic “I love you, will you be mine,” kind of thing Toru was expecting instead it was the, “I wanna see what gay sex is like,” kind of thing. You can expect that Toru is bit shocked and upset; how could Ryoji, his best friend, want to treat him like a toy. Ryoji says he’ll be gentle…I’m so going to hell for reading and writing this. Toru decides to go along with as he would get close and intimate with Ryoji, even if it wasn’t in the name of love at least he’ll be close to his love without having to tell him the truth about his feelings. (I believe) Toru thinks that as long as he’s with Ryoji he’ll be happy. Ryoji arranges for them to get together at his house while his parents are away. Oooh I know what gonna happen! They decide to take a shower together and….OMG if there wasn’t 13 year olds ready this review right now I would tell you but a las you’re going to have to find out for yourself, sorry. Anyway, after several pages of stuff, things return to normal. Toru is a bit worried due to fact that Ryoji said that it wasn’t as he expected. However, it doesn’t seem to bother Ryoji he’s back with his girlfriend and their friend is back to pretty much what it was before that night.

Ryoji isn’t ready to call it quits, he begins to come up with several reasons to get Toru to come over to his house. Toru, who doesn’t want to go back to go back, keeps going back. It becomes so consistent that they have sex every three days–lucky bastards, too be bad we only 2 or 3 scenes–Toru always feels like an object that’s there to satisfy Ryoji. Ryoji doesn’t acknowledge the fact that they have been intimate for so long, he treats Toru as if nothing happens. It seems Takaski was right when he said Toru is going to get hurt.

Toru finds someone to confide in, the president of the art club Kashiwazaki, who seems to be really friendly with Toru. This however makes Ryoji jealous although he really shouldn’t be, because it’s supposed to be just a fling, right? Kashiwazaki and Toru decide to hatch up a plan to get back Ryoji for how he treated Toru, and to show that people aren’t toys for you to off to. However, as faith would have it Kashiwazaki, who is also gorgeous, has strong feelings for Toru.

Now Toru is faced with something he never wanted, which will he choose? Kashiwazaki who has honest feelings of Toru, and looks as if he would treat him right, or will he choose Ryoji, the boy he loves but fears that he might only be treated like a toy and never really loved. And will he ever admit his true feelings of love for Ryoji or let them remain buried inside. One boy must now choose between two very different loves. Not lovers because he isn’t a whore. XD


First off let me say that I’ve been going crazy to find this manga, somewhere, just because the boys on the cover look so hot! As luck would have the local store finally got another copy sent in after who knows how long, so I naturally went out around nine-ish to pick it up.
Anyway, on with the commentary…
Desire has a good story filled with loads of drama about Toru and Ryoji’s relationship. Unlike many other yaoi mangas the whole “it’s a guy, isn’t that gross” isn’t over done in this one, although we do here that line every once in a while, instead it really focuses on the relationship at hand. What’s cool about this manga is it doesn’t waste anytime it just jumps right into the drama, literally the first page says “When I look at you, I get turned on.” You’re pulled into this relationship instead of having to have a relationship develop, or someone ‘discover’ that they had feelings for the same-sex; this is a double sword however, because at the end I felt as if the manga was a bit rushed, I loved the story I would have loved for it to have more in it, but I’m content.
Like all yaoi mangas your main concern is the sex, don’t lie you’re a smut, you know your addicted to the bad kind of love. Anyway, Desire has really nice love scenes probably the best I’ve seen, and I’m not talking about being graphic, but just beautiful love, love scenes between two people. Unlike most yaoi where the sex is exaggerated a becomes the only thing good in the manga, Desire balanced out love and lust amazingly. The love scenes aren’t filled with ‘sounds’ or just some being practically raped; the loves scenes are really close to an actual relationship. There is a lot of mature talk, as stated above, and they really have a way with words let’s say. Ryoji really has no problem telling Toru that he…um…frees himself when he thinks of Toru during sex with other girls, really naughty talk. Twisted Evil
The characters themselves have real dept to them; I personally hated Ryoji at first because how he treated Toru. And I felt really sad for Toru because they way he was hurting. I guess that’s the power of the manga and how it draws you in.
The artwork is a bit sketchy, but still looks pretty good. The characters are drawn pretty well, in fact they look hot, and there isn’t really much thought given to detail but it’s still done well.
Desire, in my opinion obviously, took a different spin on how it presents this love affair. While in most yaoi you’re use to seeing a how do you say “top-bottom” relationship, Desire is almost a mutual one. Ryoji doesn’t force himself onto Toru, ok maybe once but he didn’t go all the day, and Toru has already admitted that he loves Ryoji so it isn’t as if he doesn’t like it. Embarassed Ryoji does have the same qualities like most “top” yaoi males and that’s being horny, he really is horny, in fact his excuse for doing with Toru for the first time was to see what it feels like–but that’s just a cover. ^-^ Toru isn’t your typical “bottom” either he isn’t a push over for Ryoji desire–just a quick the titles “desire” isn’t about Ryoji’s desire if you are wondering–he isn’t as submissive as most “yaoi-bottoms” as when he does do it with Ryoji it’s because he loves him and can’t say “no” not because he can’t control his body, which is usual the case for “yaoi-bottoms”. Yep, these two certainly do drift from the orthodox, or at least expected. The main focus of the story was the relationship, which is why I added the shonen-ai, because it isn’t even that hardcore, like Golden Cain or Skyscrapers of Oz. O.O The manga really doesn’t force sex down the readers throat (Damn), instead the loves scenes come in just at the right time and aren’t over done.
The moral of the story is this, what would happen if you love someone, but fear that they don’t love you back or at least love you only in the physical sense and what would you do then? A true love story, no fairy tale nonsense in this.
Overall it’s a good manga to read, the only draw back is that it was too short. I personally didn’t like the ending page as I thought it was anti-climatic, but just the last page the ending was really touching but the last words left you with a bad after taste.
It’s a good manga, with a passionate story and attractive characters, not too hardcore, but still amazing good sex. Desire is like the title says certainly desirable, if your looking for hardcore stuff that really is an exaggeration look some place else, but if you want a realistic love story this might be your thing. You certainly won’t be disappointed either way.
Please go out and buy this manga, you won’t regret it. Very Happy


By Cherubim


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