D.Gray-Man (Volume 1)

Author: Katsura Hoshino
Genre: Shonen/Adventure
Released by: Shonen Jump Advanced

D.Gray-Man manga
Allen Walker seems to be your average wanderer; however, he is also a powerful exorcist with a unique power embedded into his left arm. That power allows Allen to fight one of the most destruction beings on the planet, the Akuma.

An Akuma is composition of several things, firstly it is a machine infused with a human soul and finally tragedy. The creator of these deadly being is the Millieum Earl, more commonly known as simple the “Maker”. The Millieum Earl appears to someone when they mourn over the death of a loved one. The Millieum Earl strikes a deal with them that he can bring back their soul and put it back into their old body. Unfortunetly many people agree to the Maker’s bargain, that’s when the truth behind the Maker’s plan come appear ant. The Maker puts the soul that the mourner wanted to bring back into a shell that slips into the body of the deceased. Now that creature can walk the earth in human form. The creature is now a strapped soul that is under the Maker’s control.

You can imagine the deaths an Akuma can invoke since just one shot from an Akuma will make your entire body disintegrate. The soul belongs to the Maker now and the only way to free it is to exorcise it from the Akuma. Only powerful exorcist like Allen exorcise Akuma’s. Only because Allen and others like him possesses an anti-akuma weapon, which is created when innocence (a type of “holy” material) finds a human host. While on his quest Allen joins the Black Order. Which is a group of just those type power exorcists with the anti-akuma weapon. Their mission is to collect the
remaining innocence (there are 109 innocence scattered around the world) before the Millieum Earl finds and destroys them. Why, you ask? Because the Millieum Earl is out on a mission to destroy all the innocence and in that process destroy humanity.

Together with the other exorcists Allen Walker sets out to put a stop to the Millieum Earl’s plan to use the Akuma that are hidden all over the world to find and destroy the innocence. It’s a race against time and the Earl seems to be more than positive that the prophecy that states that he’ll bring about the end of the world will certainly happen and soon.

It’s clear from reading volume one that this volume is just a preview and introduction. The story doesn’t really sink yet, but there are tell-tale signs that it’s only going to get better. For all it’s worth this volume gives me some mixed feelings. On one hand the story is very interesting. They mention God and even the great flood and the Millieum Earl seems to be the antagonist but he’s not considered the devil in anyway. He’s sort of like a separate entity. We don’t get much of a background on the Millieum Earl, but you’ll find him an intriguing character. Mostly due to the fact that he’s so mysterious. All the other characters seem pretty stereotypical to what Shonen Jump produces anyway, so you probably don’t be surprised by any of them. I will admit I looked up the spoiler info to this series and I must say from what I’ve read this series does get better. I suggest if you are going to buy into this series get volume one and two as it will probably go further into the actual story than you’ll get with just volume one. Either way a very interesting series to get into. If you are looking for a shonen series to get into this is a pretty interesting one. Not so much as it is intrigued, well that’s the way I felt.


By Cherubim


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