Dream Gold: Knights in the Dark City volume 1

Written by: Tatsurou Nakanishi
Published by: Tokyopop
Release Date:November 30, 2004
Genre: Fantasy, Sci-fi, Fantasy
Age: 13up “Trust me nothing in it that would mess up with the minds of the little ones.”

Additional Notes:

  • Black and White
  • 184 Page Count

Volume 1 Review:
Welcome to Dark City, a city famous for one thing and one thing only: Dream Gold. Dream Gold is known as the center of all treasures, and people flock from all the corner of the earth to Dark City to find it. Those citizens that are driven to find Dream Gold are searching for one of 250 keys; finding a key will gain that person entry to the Treasure Investigation Division called Knights.
That’s where we meet Kurorat Jio Clocks, the clever rat of Higurashi Street, is one of those searching for a key. He has to hurry though 249 keys have already been found, and once all are found it’s over. He kind of has to blame himself though, because he found keys before but gave them away. Kurorat isn’t alone in his search he’s with his childhood friend Katana Shirabano, a girl who is as good with a wrench as he is beautiful. Together these two search high and low to find the last key.
Naturally they find the last key, The Key of True Night, but they aren’t the only ones after it. Kurorat and Katana find themselves being followed by the Lonifaire Association and the notorious the Sky Tigers. There are missiles and machines flying everywhere and Kurorat and Katana are going to cut this pretty close, but they succeed and receive access to the city’s Treasure Investigation Division. Unfortunately for Kurorat his troubles are just beginning.
It seems being a Knight isn’t all fun ‘n games, Kurorat is ranked, and scored, on everything he does; even though he entered as a Rank A it didn’t take him a long to reach Rank Z. As a Knight in Dark City, Kurorat is awarded special privileges, and also has to complete missions as he or be demoted and kicked out the organization.
Kurorat thought finding the last key was going to be the hardest part, but his true journey is only beginning.

I picked up this manga just by looking at the cover, I know it’s not the professional thing to do but the cover was so grabbing; it certainly didn’t disappoint. It’s well written, the art is good–although somewhat different from what I was used to, the story is an interesting one; the major thing you have to ask yourself is, “Will I buy volume 2?” and the answer is yes. If you love a good story, with not much in the violence department, pick it up. It’s certainly a good book for younger readers, but veterans will enjoy too.
The manga certainly has many interesting, for example everything is told by a narrator, named Key History, and whenever a Knight is introduce a small box is underneath their character detailing their number, rank; and NP, something like experience points. So it has somewhat of a RPG feel to it.
All around I must say Dream Gold, although the title doesn’t sound like proper English, is certainly an entertaining manga to read.


By Cherubim


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