Eerie Queerie! volume 1

Written by: Shuri Shiozu
Published: Tokyopop
Release Date: March 9, 2004
Genre: Shonen-ai, Drama.
Age: 15up

Volume 1 Review:
Mitsuo Shiozu life changed the day he met the spirit; Kiyomi Suzaka. Suzuka died a week ago, but she hasn’t R.I.Ped yet. She still wants to do things, and luckily for her Mitsuo came along. Not only can Mitsuo see spirit, but those same spirits can possess Mitsuo. You can see where this is going. Now Mitsuo has spirit following, an annoying spirit to boot, everywhere he goes. It can only get worse for Mitsuo…

At school one of Mitsuo’s classmates happens to be Suzaka’s boy-toy. In a heat of passion, Suzaka took control of Mitsuo body and announces to the entire classroom, her love for her boy toy, Hasunuma. The only thing is everyone, including Hasunuma, sees Mitsuo. What’s even weirder is the response from Hasunuma, “what are you doing Friday!?” There’s only one problem Mitsuo doesn’t like guys–yet anyway–and now with the entire school calling him “fag” things aren’t going so well. Plus Suzuka is constantly taking over his body to get closer to Hasunuma. Mitsuo tries everything to get rid of Suzaka before his life is totally ruined; from exorcisms to just trying to ignore her, nothing seems to work.

To add more on his plate, Hasunuma seems to have taken interest in Mitsuo, but Mitsuo wants nothing to with it. Mitsuo realizes that the only to rid himself of Suzuka is to help her, she’s become part of his life and he decides to help her. In the end both of them learn new things about themselves and the form a great friendship; however, Mitsuo new friendship is cut short because Suzuka no longer has a reason to wonder the earth and she depart for the afterworld.

Mitsuo life won’t ever be same, especially now that he has a boyfriend. ^^ Suzuka won’t be the last wandering spirit Mitsuo will come across either, Mitsuo seems to be attracting female spirits, that can’t leave this world until they finish something—which usual involve other young men. ^^ And with Hasunuma by Mitsuo’s side there’re sure to have fun along the way. “Awwwwww”

Me likie Eerie Queerie. ^^ Although the artwork is a bit too cute for my taste, I really enjoyed reading it. The story grows on you, especially the one after Suzuka’s story. Mitsuo and Hasunuma relationship gets and deeper as the story progresses. I really liked this manga since it had cute and harm feel to it, and it there was a lot of drama going on here. If you don’t mind shonen-ai, or if you want to start, this is probably a good book to start off with it. The story doesn’t focus so much on Mitsuo and Hasunuma’s relationship, but rather the spirits they meet and the problem they have to fix; yet Shuri Shiozu still found a way to smuggle it in there. ^^ Great volume, and a great Shonen-ai series.



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