Gravitation volume 1, 2

I’m trying something new here, instead of just doing a review of volume one like I usual do, I’m going to do a review for both of the volumes I have. I’m planning on completing this series, because it’s so good, pretty soon when finish a volume I’ll add it to this review so it’s constantly ongoing until I finish it.

Written by: Maki Murakami
Published by: Tokyopop
Release Date(s): (Vol 1.) August 05, 2003
(Vol 2.) October 7, 2003
Genre: Shonen-ai, Romance, Comedy

Volume 1 Review:
Meet Shuichi Shindou, a kid that obsessed with his music and his band, Bad Luck, that doesn’t seem to going nowhere. Still he can’t let the dream of him rising to the top of the dance electronic music world go. His band mate, and best friend, Hiroshi Nagano is always right by Shuichi’s side getting in trouble; however, Nagano does well in school where Shuichi fails like no one else.

Shuichi still plans on getting his amateur band out there; he got his band to do the opening to a very popular band called Ark; however, Shuichi has writers’ block, or mostly he doesn’t have any talent to start out with. One night while still trying to work out the lyrics to Bad Luck’s opening song, his lyrics flies out of his hand, and a stranger picks it up. After reading the lyrics the stranger tells Shuichi that it’s the worst set of lyrics he’s ever seen.

Even though Shuichi seems unfazed, by the stranger’s comments, on the outside he can’t seem to get them out of his mind.

The day to performance is coming close and Shuichi still isn’t satisfied with the lyrics he has. Totally coincidentally Shuichi comes across the stranger again, who happens to be Eiri Yuki the famous novelist. Shuichi finds himself falling for Eiri. Although both men say they’re straight they can’t help but realize that there’s chemistry between them.

Both their lives are becoming mixed up with each other, and they begin to grow closer and closer…and closer together. ^^ Exactly how will this effect Bad Luck?

A great love story that anyone would enjoy. Plus it isn’t just lovie-e-dovie either, it’s funny too. All the characters are funny to some degree, and you laugh a lot while to read this. It’s really interesting to see how there relationship came about; it was easily predictable, but still great to actually read it. The story is addictive if you like this genre, regardless of your preferences if you want a romantic comedy pick this up. It’s soo good everyone, so good.


Volume 2 Review:
After a kickass performance for Ark, Bad Luck is looking to be the next big thing. Although there are a few bugs for Shuichi still to work out, and Eiri is always willing to point them out, Bad Luck is on the rise; however, this turn for the worst when Hiroshi announces that he plans on leaving the group. Shuichi can’t seem to figure out what to do, so naturally he goes to Eiri for some tender loving care. “Oh you know what I mean.” ^^

Shuichi has a lot on his plate. With graduation coming he’s got finals to fail, and a band that looks like it’s dead in it’s tracks. And Eiri really wants to take his….I mean this relationship to the next level. *phew* Shuichi however just wants to be close to Eiri. Really! He attaches himself to Eiri like a shoulder monkey.

After things with Hiroshi phase out, Bad Luck seems to have landed a record deal. Shuichi dreams seem to be getter closer to reality. However, his lover Eiri seems to hiding a little secret, that might break their relationship. Will Shuichi ever have things his way?

Steamy! In volume 1 we only got a little taste of Shuichi and Eiri’s relationship, vol 2 doesn’t spare, although nothing hard-core, even when there making Maki Murakami still found a way to make it funny. It’s definitely a romantic comedy that doesn’t disappoint. We’re getting deeper and deeper into the story; it’s so good I can’t wait to read vol 3, exactly what else can the world throw at Shuichi.
Anyway, vol 2 is much funnier than volume 1 and there story is much more interesting. If you bought Vol. 1 and enjoyed pick up volume too as it brings all the funny stuff from before and makes it even better.



By Cherubim


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