Heavenly City (Fan Scanlation)

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Taku Fusamichi
Translated by: A.I.A
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Genre: Yaoi, Romance, Drama, and just a hint of comedy
Age Rating: 16up -So far nothing (too) graphic-

The hospital’s new, and frankly quite handsome, peditristian, Nishidate Kazuya, has a little secret, or should I say a secret someone. Little do the other doctors know but Kazuya and the handsomen (a lot of handsome people in this manga–get use to it) brain surgeon, Odagaki Takumi, are in a deep relationship. Kazuya is very secretive about his relationship, and feelings for Takumi, which is the driving force behind the entire story. Takumi on the other hand has no problem with showing the world how much he loves Kazuya. They met when Kazuya was still a Med. student working at the hospital. Takumi helped him when he was just a rookie, and when Kazua became a full fledge doctor they began seeing each other. Their relationship isn’t with out its problems, Kazuya works in the childrens’ ward whereas Takumi works in the emergency ward; finding time to see each other puts a damper on their relationship. It usually turns into them finding a room that hasn’t been reserved yet and using that. Takumi, especially, is a very busy man so finding time when both of them are off from work can be hard. They work around these difference though; however, Kazuya doesn’t seem to ready to make their relationship public, and Takumi isn’t the one that seems to care what Kazuya thinks. He loves Kazuya and wants the entire ward to know it–even if that means Kazuya getting his ass kicked by the Murder Nurses, that are Takumi’s unofficial cheerleading squad. Kazuyas tries to avoid Takumi, but his attemps are hopeless, Takumi always seems to find him–and give him cute hickies that the kazuya tries to hide. Even though Kazuya is trying to push Takami away it seems only to bring Takumi closer to him. Takumi knows that Kazuya loves him and is just scared of what might happen if news gets out, but he doesn’t mind.

Poor little Kazuya has to find a way to balance all of this. Wondering how long he can keep his relationship a secret is becoming problematic for him. Things only get more confusing for Kazuya when Dr. Kudou starts making advances, and whats worse is that because Kudou and Takumi sound almost identical, Kazuya tends to confuse the two of them. Now Kazuya is staring to worry of what will happen is Takumi finds out about Kudou. To Kazuya’s surprize Takumi doesn’t seem to be worried–externally anyway. His busy shedule keeps him away from Kazuya, and to an extent makes Kazuya worry about how much Takumi really loves him. Takumi isn’t one to share his feelings, but Kazuya can’t help but worry.

While Takumi is off on his duties, Kudou begins to seduce Kazuya, using his voice to sway him over like Takumi will. Kudou sets up a trap for Kazuya, and plans on taking him one way or the other. Kazuya seems almost helpless to stop him. Luckily Takami comes in just at the right time, and declares that Kazuya is his and his alone (it’s his way of saying “I love you”).
The only thing left is whether or not Kazuya is reading to make their relationship known to the world, but it doesn’t seem as if Takumi is going to give him much of a choice.

There is one chapter left in this manga, which I can’t seem to get my hands on since I don’t use IRC to download, but I really hope this series gets licensed soon, as it would an good manga for those that love silly romances. The story is cute and the characters are goregeous. It’s very romantic how such different personalities get together. There isn’t much in terms of yaoi-action but I still really enjoyed it for it’s shonen-ai appeal, the manga doesn’t focus on sex instead the relationship which is good (once in a while). The story doesn’t have much depth to it, but that’s ok it’s still really cute to read. The manga really does make you laugh a lot, especially when Kazuya goes into pantic mode and Takumi is always the sane one. The artwork is really good, not so much with the scenery but the characters each have their own personalities which is reflective on their face. (Look at me talk as if I’m an expert. LOL)
Overall I’m damn pleased I took the 30 minutes to download this on dial-up Sad because I enjoyed how the story developed and how no matter what Kazuya always came back to Takumi. If you like Shonen-ai, and don’t mind a yaoi scene here or there, and love silly romances then Heavenly City is good manga to read. And if you trying out the world of yaoi this is good place to get hooked on. ^___^


By Cherubim


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