I Can't Stop Loving You (Fan Scanlation)

Author: Row Takura
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Genre: Yaoi, Fictional/Fantasy
Age: 18up -Nothing major but for legal reasons I say that-

Yuu and Kyouji are a couple at their High School, their relationship is rather hush hush, but that’s anything but the case when they are having sex. Unfortunely they have a problem, Yuu tends to get carried away and hurt Kyouji’s senstive parts during the act. Many times Kyouji has the scares to prove it the next day, but Yuu can’t help it. Many of the students are left to believe that Kyouji is into hardcore S&M stuff.

Besides from being the hot couple at school Yuu and Kyouji also keep the school safe from loose spirits that wonder around. They are a team, actially often it comes down to Kyouji saving the damsel in distress, Yuu, from being attacked by a sexy ghost.

However, that isn’t Yuu main concern, it’s what happens when he gets carried away and becomes the forceful brute that always hurts Kyouji. Kyouji is constantly telling Yuu that he doesn’t have to worry about that, that it’s just temporary and that he’ll be strong, because he loves Yuu. Still he comes pretty close to putting Kyouji on the hospital. But there relationship is strong, stronger than Yuu when he’s in his mood, and they’ll ride it through. And on the way they’ll kick their ghost ass. Hopefully when it all done, they’ll finally be able to have sex with out worring about Kyouji getting hurt.

Definately a yaoi you can laugh to. Also, I do love a good yaoi that opens with a good sex scene. ^___^ The story is requires a leap of faith, that it won’t suck afterwards. Basically Yuu and Kyouji are a couple and well Yuu has a problem when he’s having sex with Kyouji, he gets rather carried away and ends up hurting Kyouji-san in the strangest of places–the banana scene was by far my favorite. For some reason Row Takura decided to give them mystical powers, what’s odd is the fact that they have mystical isn’t a secret but there relationship–makes you wonder which would recieve the worse reaction from their fellow pears. The mystical powers thing does add to the plot of the story, which is Yuu and Kyouji’s relationship, whether it’s Kyouji using his special powers to save Yuu from a spirit that’s possed his body and doing very naughty things and other stuff too. The manga certainly has its funny moments, and will keep you in laughs for a a good while.
In terms of yaoi-ness, the sex ain’t bad. If you like your yaoi mild then you’ll like it, if you prefer more hardcore-sweaty-stuff (me), this is a “meh”. Although there were a few scenes that were pretty riské (the best one always are).
Still the story is good and funny to boot, plus the artwork is nice, really cute guys. ^___^ It’s a enjoyable read and worth the time. The possiblity of it being released are high, there really isn’t much that would stop it (ok maybe one scene but they can edit out) from being released. So hagle your publishing companies and demand you yaoi-ness.



By Cherubim


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