Legal Drug volume 1

Written by: Clamp
Published: Tokyopop
Release Date: October 12, 2004
Genre: Action, Drama “But damnit there’s hints of shonen-ai all over the place. (^.^) They were so close to making out, so close.”
Age: 15up

Volume 1 Review:

Kazahaya Kudo was once the brink of death, outside in the freezing cold with no where to go to it was about to be end for Kazahaya Kudo. However, a mystery young man came to his aid and took him to the Green Drug Pharmacy. The pharmacy’s manager agrees to give Kudo a job and a place to stay; however in order to make extra cash Kudo has to do special jobs that he alone accomplish, because of his special ability to see visions from touching things. “That sounds so perverted.” Kudo really doesn’t have much use for his power, but for whatever reasons, Kakei-San, the drugstore manager, needs him to go and collect bizarre objects like books, and fireflies. “Don’t worry it might seem odd now, but it’s really interesting.”

Kudo’s life isn’t peaceful though, Himura Rikudo, who is the person that rescued Kudo, turns out to be a real pain in the ass. Rikudo’s cockiness gets on Kudo’s nerves very often, and having to live and work with Rikudo doesn’t help, but Kudo still feels some how endowed to Rikudo for saving him that night, so he puts up with it.

There’s one more person in the drug store and that’s Saiga-San. Who doesn’t seem to do anything besides sleep and smoke, he seems to Kakei-San’s partner, but exactly what he does Kudo has no idea. He’s always with Kakei-San, and is always wearing sunglasses. He’s very touching, especially with Kakei-San. Nothing to scare the really strong masculine men reading this. ^^

Working at the pharmacy is a nice change for Kudo; he doesn’t have to worry about freezing to death all he has to worry about is that Rikudo driving him crazy.

Kudo is always willing to do extra jobs whenever Kakei-San offers, although he does think these jobs are a bit bizarre, and don’t really seems to have anything to do with each other; however he hardly ever gets keep the reward money for himself.

Kudo starts a new life here at the Green Drug Pharmacy, and with Kakei-San need for these weird objects it’s sure to keep Kudo busy. Maybe one day Kudo and Rikudo will be able to get along, although it doesn’t look like any time in the near future.

Despite the name, this manga has nothing to drugs, besides Kudo working in a drug store. What else but excellence can you expect from CLAMP. This is a great manga. The art work stands out as one of the best I’ve seen yet. The story is a bit shaky at first, but it’s definitely entertaining to read. I can only expect even better artwork, and a more addictive story, in the next volume.
Although the mission Kudo goes on have nothing to do with each other, that we know of so far in the story, but each time Kudo goes on a mission we learn something about either of the four characters.
Readers don’t have any idea what the real behind story is, but that won’t stop from enjoying reading this; the manga ends by revealing something about the characters that just leaves you asking for more.
Go out and buy this manga, it’s well written and the artwork in astounding. It’s CLAMP after all. I’ve got Feb 8th circles on my calendar, when Tokyopop releases volume two. Very Happy

P.S. At the end of the manga there is another mini ‘episode’ parody using the same characters that’s just really funny. You’ll laugh if you read it.

8.5/9.0 “Although when I finish this series in december I’m pretty sure I’m going to change that to a solid nine.”

By Cherubim


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