Lock Out!

Author: Yamane Ayano
Genre: Yaoi
Status: One-Shot
Published Outside Japan: No
Published by: N/A
Release Date: N/A
Age Appropriateness: 18+

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Sakaki is a very powerful lawyer that knows how to win a case even if it isn’t always the moral way to go about it. However his opponent thinks they have the upper hand now. Sakaki told them about a trump card that he has and is going to use if he sees fit. So they decide to hire someone to sneak into Sakaki’s office and get the documents.

For that they turn to Izawa the best lock picker in this business. Although Izawa is known for being hard to deal with, if the price is right they say he will be able to open any safe.

However when Sakaki and Izawa meet up after dark it becomes a race against the clock. Sakaki proves to be a determined attorney and he pushes Izawa to his limits. Izawa is going to have to push him self to finish the job, the only thing is he doesn’t know if that will be often to get Sakaki off of him.


The artwork is nice here. Yamane Ayano is a very talented mangaka and her characters designs are drawn nicely. Lots of attention is paid to the faces, which in turn reflect their personalities. For the most part the characters body’s are nice drawn, a good share of attention is spent on their clothes and all that. However it’s the background that seems bland and neglected. It still not bad for a manga though.


To me this is the kind of manga that needs a lot of sex to keep it interesting. The premise of the story is very boring, and to be honest everything was so predictable it was scary. Sadly there was one sex scene that was fairly short and anticlimactic. I really didn’t expect much from this, and the only way after the first sex scene that this story could’ve saved itself was if they had sex in unimaginable ways.

It is a very short story though so that might explain for much. It was released in Japan as a story in a yaoi magazine. So it probably wasn’t meant to “Wow” you in any way.

I was a little disappointed and felt that I couldn’t have spent the file space on something else. I guess if your in the mood of story with semi-attractive yaoi males this could satisfy, but really there is so much more else out there.


By Cherubim


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