No Need for Tenchi vol. 1

Author: Hitoshi Okuda
Published by: VIZ
Release Date: May 2002
Genre: Action/Adventure
Age: Teen

After Tenchi miracleously defeated Kagato him and gang believed that life would return to normal, or however normal life can be when you’re living with a alien space pirate, a emotionally unstable alien princess, a mad scientist bent on only destroying the universe–yeah life in the Tenchi household is anything but normal. Unfortunetly this peace doesn’t last long. While outside, at what is supposed to be a picnic but turns out to be a competition between Ryoko and Ayeka for techi’s tummy, a blast is fired from out of space that nearly destroyed Ryoko. When the smoke clears Tenchi and the other see someone who looks like…Ryoko! This new Ryoko seems to be looking for the person that killed Kagoto, the person that activiated the “Lightening Eagle Sword”.

Naturally little miss Ryoko won’t let anyone make a move on her man, even though she’s the only that thinks that. And a battle insues between Ryoko and Ryoko. Naturally our Ryoko knocks the imposter unconcious. After the battle the gang brings their new friend to the house where Ms. Washu attemps to figure out what’s going on. The new girl’s name happens to be Minagi, but that’s all she seems to be able to remember.

Minagi can’t seems to stay with the gang and become part of the family–although everyone else does. And decides to go than rather stay and possibly hurt Tenchi when her memory comes back. (Lucky thing she does too, because Ryoko was about to finish the job.)

Sasami is still upset that Minagi had to leave, even though Ryoko can’t stop apologizing for chasing her. The Tenchi Family tries to sit down for a normal dinner; naturally somthing happens that prevents that dinner from being normal (it was bound to happen). Out of no where the gang is attacked by another alien. Unlike Minagi this invader of dinner time give un introduction, his name is Yakage and he too is looking for the Lighten Eagle Sword. Yakage doesn’t seem to be impressed by what Tenchi is offering and that’s when Ryoko and Ayeka enter the battle. Yakage realized soon enough that Ayeka happens to be of royal desent and decides to hold her captive and leaves just as fast as he came. Yakage gives Tenchi a warning that he’ll return in 10 days and by then he had better master the Lighten Eagle Sword or else! After the battle the gang bandages Techi up and think about what their doing to do next. Everyone agrees that Tenchi isn’t ready to take on Yakage and rescue Ayeka, but how else will Ayeka be rescued. Before Tenchi makes a deadly mistake Ryoko knocks him out and takes off after Yakage to rescue Ayeka even though she doesn’t want to. This give Tenchi 10 days to train before Yakage comes back if Ryoko does not succeed. It’s all up to Ryoko to save her rival in love.

Ah the memories of all that is Tenchi. To be honest, and to share something to just merely take up space in this review–thus making it seem longer, No Need for Tenchi is the first thing “Tenchi” related that I’ve come across since I watched the anime many years ago. And naturally all the memories came rushing back to me, about how funny Tenchi and friends actually are. All of the same things that made me laugh then is making me cry tears of joy now. Ryoko and Ayeka are still fighting over Tenchi, Sasami is still a wiz at cooking, Mihoshi is still acting like a dumb blond, Washu is still the same evil genius, and well the gang is still just as strong and funny. Probably one of the anime’s greatest abilities was the ability to fuse action with comedy, and the manga doesn’t disappoint just that it’s not in color. One thing I liked about this manga was the characters stayed true to their form; Hitoshi stayed didn’t expand on them but rather stuck with what he new what would work: a seductive Ryoko and a quiet yet deadly Ayeka. The stories seems interesting, the title alone has be wondering “what do you mean no need for Tenchi, what happened to Tenchi!?” There is room for this story to develope and it would awesome to see where this story goes from volume. 1. Tenchi fans of the anime world will be glad to know that everything the liked about Tenchi Muyo is right here. (Yay!)


By Cherubim


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