Author: Oumi Shinano
Genre: Yaoi Drama
Status: Short Story
Published Outside Japan: No
Published by: N/A
Release Date: N/A
Age Apropriateness: 18+

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Young Prince Asir is a viking, but he’s a noble barbarian. One day on their way back to the village Asir’s men capture a man that’s deadly with his hands. His name is Wolff and he’s a mecenary that always gets the job done. Unlike many vikings at the time Asir’s does not kill him because Wolff is unarmed and that would go against Asir’s principles. So Wolff gets to tag along with the group as the make their way home.

The two of them (Asir and Wolff) begin to get closer with eachother as they travel–not the type of closeness we are looking for yet though. Asir opens up (again not the way we hoped yet!) to Wolff and tells him the story of how he became prince instead of King like he was supposed to.

Meanwhile his tyranical uncle that stole the thrown has decided that the views of his nephew isn’t what he wants in his kingdom and decides to raid the town where Asir is staying and kill him.

The final show down is about to happen between Asir and his evil uncle, and Wolff will find himself in the center of this as everything will come full circle.


I must say I am a fan of Oumi Shinano’s talent when it comes to art. The characters are just goregous. And the pages are very clean and they aren’t clustered with things like speech boxes or though bubbles–always a plus in my book. Lots of individualism going on here, as the characters stand out from each other, especially the two main characters, but you would have expected that.


This is definitely a yaoi short story that is story driven and not just focused on the man x man sex, and more importantly for once I don’t mind this. It was a nice story, short and I could have seen this lengthen into a much longer story–maybe a few more battles, a little more sex, that sort of stuff—but the short story was ok. It being a short story though I felt the ending was rushed and it could have developed the story line a bit more, but then I have to remind mysef it’s a short story so space is limited.

I enjoyed the plot twist that was inevitably the ending. Sad to say it was obvious the minute the prince told the story about the kid he met when he too was kid but it was still cute.

The story is more oriented towards fans that are found of the genre of male x male love than just the sex. It is story here not graphic scenes of lust and passion. There isn’t anything wrong that’s standing out in my mind about this story, the only bad is that it was over far too quickly.


By Cherubim


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