RAY (Volume 1)

Author: Akihito Yoshitomi
Genre: Sci-Fi
Released by: ADV Manga
Ray manga
In a world corrupt with greed and power hungry individuals that believe they can do anything, there are those that are willing to give in to their demands to become rich and powerful themselves. In this is the world Ray was born. Ray was born on a body farm. She and the many other kids that grew up with her were created mainly for experimentation and eventually to sell their organs. They weren’t given names because it would serve no purpose, since they weren’t treated like humans.

Eventually the day came when it was Ray’s turn. The men from the corporation took her when she was just a girl and sold her beautiful eyes. Ray, unlike many of the children from the corporation, was lucky. She was lucky enough to be taken in by a scientist by the name of B.J.; B.J. gave Ray a special gift he gave her news , except her new eyes have the ability to see through everything–even human flesh.

Ray grows up and now is a expert surgeon performing surgeries the common doctor wouldn’t know how to. She works with a young medical inventor named Shinoyama that relays life or death cases that the average doctor can’t handle.

Despite the fact Ray spends her life saving people, she is always haunted by the fact that she might not be any different from the people that performed the experiments that they did on the children back at the human farm. Things only get worse when the people from the corporation begin to show up in the city and they seem to be up to their old tricks again. Ray is now being confronted with her mysterious past and being pushed to experiment on people to save them.

While I liked RAY I felt it was over done. The operations Ray does are so extreme and so fictional that it sort of becomes “yeah right”. I think a science fiction manga should be fictional but at the same time don’t over do it, and I think the over done part is the case with this manga. The story is interesting, nothing too spectacular though. It’s captivating at some parts and repetitive, expected, and boring at others. Overall it’s a unique story but it’s just written in a way that you get kind of bored mid-way through by how much it tries to hype up the story with bizarre medical cases for Ray to solve. It’s definitely a manga for those that like sci-fic realistic (I know that sounds like an oxymoron) dramas though.



By Cherubim


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