Rebirth volume 1

Story and Art – Kang-Woo Lee
Korean Publisher – Daiwon C.I. Inc
English Publisher – Tokyopop
Released Date – 03/2003
Format – Left to Right
First Volume ISBN – 1-59182-216-5
Genre – Action, Fantasy
Age Rating – Teens

How long would you hold a grudge? Five years? Ten years? A hundred? Well the vampire Deshwitat has held his own personal grudge for over three hundred and fifty years.

Rebirth follows the story of Deshwitat the vampire and his quest for vengeance against his former friend the sorcerer Kalutika for taking the life of his fiancée Lilith. To achieve this he must stalk a new world, the dawn of the 21st century, accompanied by his two companions Millenear and Remi and piece together clues to the whereabouts of his nemesis and at the same time learn the sorcery he needs to defeat him.

The first volume of Rebirth moves at a lightening pace, perhaps a little too quickly for my tastes. The characters all seem flat and maybe a little typical, though they are devoid of the “High school” student look and characteristics of a lot of mangas so saying the characters were stereotypical would be unfair.

The artwork in Rebirth is quite distinctive but uniformly well drawn; the characters are stocky and have very angular features, unfortunately this visual style isn’t really to my tastes but it is not a big problem.

Rebirth is quite a promising manga; it has a good blend of action and tragedy which is well set up and thought through, I am also hopeful that the main characters will be developed much further throughout the next issues.

In conclusion Rebirth is an interesting title which has enough promise to make me want to pick up the next volume.


Deshwitat – The protagonist of the story. An ancient vampire sealed away for hundreds of years and now looking for vengeance. Long ago his friend Kalutika murdered his fiancée and killed Deshwitat, sealing him away inside the body of a lowly demon. Three hundred and fifty years later he was inadvertently revived by a virgins blood and now stalks the 20th century looking for Kalutika and revenge for the death of his beloved Lilith.

Kalutika – The one time friend of Deshwitat and his fiancée Lilith. Far back in the17th century he ended the life of Lilith and destroyed Deshwitat’s natural body, leaving only his spirit in tact, he then ordered his remains to be sealed in a lesser demon and cursed him to stalk the world for eternity.

Lilith – The fiancée of Deshwitat who was murdered by Kalutika in the 17th century.

Remi Do – The passive heroine of Rebirth who finds herself besieged by monsters during a visit to Romania with her father and a group of spiritual researchers. She is keen, eager and loving but somewhat spoiled by her father.

Millenear Shephild – An excommunicated exorcist assigned to assist and protect the researchers on their field trip. She is pious and honorable but somewhat unreliable


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