Selfish Love volume 1

Written by: Naduki Koujima
Alternative title: Kunshusama no koiha katte!
Published by: Be Beautiful
Release Date: September 22, 2004
Genre: Yaoi, Romance, Drama
Age: I said Yaoi, didn’t I, don’t you listen! Steamy sex scenes…ABSOLUTELY NOT FOR CHILDREN…18 up obviously. XD

Orito Kuroha is the school’s Honor Society President. He’s your typical High School pretty boy: rich, arrogant, drop dead gorgeous, and full of himself. As president Orito basically gets a free pass at whatever he wants. However, he still has his duties as president, and one of them are to nominate a vice president, who is suppose to make sure the president doesn’t abuse his power blah…blah…blah, before the next meeting of the Honor Society. He nominates Ryuya Fujio, a sophomore with perfect grades. Ryuya asks why the president of the Honor Society would nominate him, although he is very qualified for the position; Orito says because he likes him. Ryuya is shocked and doesn’t know what to say besides “No!” Apparently, Ryuya seems to have a grudge on Orito and doesn’t want to have anything to do with him. Unfortunately for Ryuya “No” isn’t part of Orito vocabulary. Orito is going to have his way whether Ryuya is willing or not. Naturally Ryuya is a bit pissed that Orito would act as if he’s better than him, even though Ryuya is a grade above him.

Ryuya’s friend Kyogo comes to check up on Ryuya because he missed his lecture and he wants to make sure everything is ok. Kyogo is such a good friend. Ryuya confides in his best friend Kyogo, who ran for the same position as Orito but lost because of his small status compared to Orito. Ryuya and Kyogo talk about how the university is just filled snobby rich kids; it seems to calm Ryuya down, as he on a full scholarship and is quite poor. It becomes clear that Kyogo and Ryuya are best of friends and would do anything to protect each other.

As the day draws to close Ryuya heads for home putting the encounter with Orito behind him; however, Orito is right there waiting for Ryuya to reconsider. It seems Orito has been doing his homework, and knows pretty much everything there is to know about Ryuya–he obviously takes a vested interested in the people he “likes”, from Ryuya’s family background, academic records, to his physical health. No doubt Ryuya is a bit scared Orito is looking more and more like a stalker, and he’s got his eyes on Ryuya. Then when it looks like Orito about to have his way with Ryuya he says those magical words, “I’ll take care of you.” Ryuya still wants nothing to do with it, but as stated before, Orito is known for getting his way. He accidentally breaks Ryuya glasses, and since Ryuya can hardly see without them, he decides to carry Ryuya home. That Orito he’s such a gentlemen. ^^

Poor Ryuya now his life has become so much more complicated. Orito isn’t going to leave him alone until he accepts the position as his VP, and no matter what Ryuya does it doesn’t stop him. Orito true intentions become clear as to why he nominated Ryuya has VP, it’s to have Ryuya close to him at all times, basically for Orito personal enjoyment, as if it wasn’t obvious before. When Kyogo hears of this he instantly goes after Orito. Ryuya doesn’t want to see his big, handsome, friend get hurt by Orito. Ryuya accepts Orito nomination to end to squall between Orito and Kyogo before it gets too far. Now Orito seems to have everything he wants, the man of his dreams and access to that man 24/7. Life is good Orito, isn’t?

I must of all the yaoi books I’ve read Selfish Love ranks pretty high up there, there’s a pretty funny, romantic, dramatic story, the artwork is just amazing (they’re so hot!), and the love scenes are entertaining to read (didn’t know you could that 0.0). Koujima actually balances the sex with an adequate story behind it so you don’t just skip pages to get to the good stuff. It’s not all sex, there’s actual story, which in Yaoi Manga is a hard thing to find. Of course, Selfish Loves stays true to it’s yaoi-ness with the usual non-consensual sex scenes, with the pretty boy that was living the straight live but now has a hunger for mangina, and the dominating boy that just has to have it his way; however, this time there is drama and a real (in a twisted sort of way) love story between the two (and the other characters too). You’re going to hate Orito for forcing himself on Ryuya but at the same time you’re going to love him and his control of every situation; and you also feel sorry for Ryuya for not sticking up for himself, but you want him to get with Orito. Drama I tell you, drama!
Another of the plusses is the artwork, which is simply adorable. Ryuya and Orito are just HOT! No joke. You’ll be falling for them and routing for them to get together at the same time. Their personalities fit there design perfectly, you could just look at Orito and see that he’s controlling and gets what he wants and Ryuya is soft and innocent at the core, but he’s like the kid with glasses just really hot. Then you have Kyogo who just looks like the guy with a secret, but I won’t tell you what that secret is. ::evil smirk::
The sex scenes are intense and quite graphic in some parts (but nothing too bizarre) but what can I say, “It feels like love.” Each of the love scenes seem to be right where there supposed to be, and not placed in scenes where they wouldn’t seem to be natural, or feel as if it doesn’t belong. The sex scenes go on for pages (which is always a good thing) and there’s everything from foreplay to the really steamy stuff. Although the sex scenes don’t come until the end of the book it’s well worth the wait, trust me. ^.^ <–Innocent face
Alright time for the wrap-up. Selfish Love Vol. 1 is a good yaoi book to pick up if you want a shonen-ai love story with some good yaoi action! The story won’t bore you, and it will keep you entertain long enough to reach the love scenes (which are actually part of an extra story found at the end, don’t worry the main story has good stuff too). The story itself is almost believable, a lover that gets what he wants when he wants it or not–yeah I know in the real world we call that rape, but the world of yaoi it’s called “love.” If you like it hard (I really I mean no pun by that) you probably might be disappointed because there isn’t much sex, but trust when it happens it’s finger licking good, there is story and there’s loads of drama too. If you want a love story bent on desire, has really hot people (and by that I mean men), and has really strong intense love scenes go and get this manga.


By Cherubim


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