Selfish Love volume 2

Written by: Naduki Koyjima
Published by: Be Beautiful
Release Date: November 24, 2004
Genre: Yaoi, Romance, Drama
Age: 18up…There’s isn’t much sex, and most of it isn’t graphic Sad but it certainly isn’t as bad as the sex scenes in Volume 1. I think 16up wouldn’t cause permanent mental damage it’s like reading a regular romance.

Ryuya Fuijo is attending one of the most expensive and prestigious—because of the expense, university in all of Japan. He’s a great student, good grades, good at sports everything. However, recently Ryuya has had his hand full dealing Orito, the Honor Society president, who nominated Ryuya just so that they would be closer to each other. Orito is constantly making advances onto poor unsuspecting Ryuya, actually by now their kind of expected–whenever Orito gets Ryuya, or even sometimes in public he tries; however Ryuya’s quick response is always “it’s not right for two guys to do,” well apparently Orito thinks differently. Actually throughout this manga Orito confronts Ryuya about his feelings, and ask how he would feel if it was the other way around, if Orito was a girl, I’ll get to this soon.

Anyway, Ryuya is having troubling balancing out his life. While being working, and being sexual harassed by Orito, at school as the Honor Society VP he also works at a local store, which happens to be against school policy. Orito steps and makes Ryuya quit his job, this just happens to infuriate Ryuya anymore, and for good reason who wants someone, no matter how hot they are, meddling in your life. Orito knows however that if Ryuya wants to stay at the university, and close to him, he must quit his job.
Ryuya eventually get over it but he hates Orito for doing, all the while he feels himself growing closer to him, he doesn’t understand why but every time he pushes Orito away he feels it in himself. Ryuya begins to dedicate himself to the Honor Society; however he wants nothing to do with Orito.

Has time passes, it’s time for the annual Autumn Festival. The Honor Society has the responsibility of putting on a play for the entire university, last year they did Alice in Wonderland, and Orito played the Queen–and he looked gorgeous in that too. ^^ After some deliberation they Honor Society decide to do the Shakespearian classic Romero and Juliet, it’s quite funny how they reached the decision and pick the actors, but I don’t want to spoil it for you.

Things begin to boil over when Ryuya has to fill in for Juliet. Orito for the first time seems not to want to grope Ryuya, and Ryuya’s friend Kyogo is reading to acknowledge his feelings. Everything is coming together, Orito and Ryuya’s past, present, and future; and the ending will only be of the Shakespearian epic sort. What will Ryuya do, will he acknowledge his feelings for Orito, and what would Orito do?


Ladies and gentlemen I’m in love with this couple; really they’re both polar opposites but their meant for each other. Book 2 is definitely a step up from Book 1, which seemed to be more lust than romance–not to say that I don’t like the stuff–Orito forced himself onto Ryuya and was driven by his desire, which made seem like a horny-hot-bad guy . In volume 2, or Book 2 has it’s called by others; Orito’s true feelings come to surface. Orito seemed a bit cocky before but now he really appeals to readers. He’s always trying to get Ryuya to say that he loves him; he even goes to the state where he rapes Ryuya–but I’ll leave you discover that for yourself. This volume, in fact this entire series, is a testament to love: realistic filled with drama. Although this is a gay relationship meant for women, it’s probably the closest to the actual thing. One guy loves the other, but the other isn’t gay; however that won’t stop the boy that’s in love. Eventually they realize that they are meant for each other, and though their relationship isn’t exactly orthodox they can’t hide love. It’s cooler because Selfish Love throws in Kyogo, who is the good guy that hides his feelings and lets the other guy (Orito) make the move on his guy, but he (Kyogo) doesn’t say anything until it’s too late. Real hot stuff going on here, Koyjima really decided to focus more on the love than lust aspect in this volume which I must is worked out well. It was you intriguing to see Ryuya’s feelings for Orito finally come to surface. It wasn’t like most yaoi mangas that just focus on sex; these two actually develop a relationship. Orito is always forcing himself on Ryuya and Ryuya is always pushing him away, and although Ryuya doesn’t see it it’s breaking Orito on the inside. Although he looks tough and selfish on the outside he is soft and tormented by love on the inside. Yaoi hardcore fans that like a lot of sex might be disappointed in Book 2 but the story clearly makes up for the lack of hardcore sex found in Book 1, in my opinion, but then a again I’m a smut for love stories. ^^ There is really a lot going in this manga, much more than I would have expected for a yaoi manga, maybe that’s why I like so much. These two guys were made for each other, so much passion and drama. Oooh somebody stop me.
While reading Book 1 isn’t necessary to understand the story thus far, it certainly helps build momentum in the story. I definitely preferred Book 2 than Book 1 as I thought Book 1 rushed it a bit, but I love this series overall and considers it one of my favorites yaoi, even romance, manga thus far, probably second only to Only the Ring Finger Knows.
How can I say “I love this manga,” the story is so touching, and I really don’t mind the fact that there wasn’t much sex in it, if anything it me made love these two even more, there relationship wasn’t instantaneous they bought had to fight for love. To do add it was also quite funny it was overturned with just drama, Koyjima manages to put in a few very funny scenes in the manga that really made you laugh. The artwork is simple adorable, and would captivate you. Overall this is a must have for anyone that loves a love story with drama, comedy, and the occasional sex; it’s so well written that if your new to the whole yaoi thing it’s a good place to start.


By Cherubim


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