SGT Frog volume 1

Written by: Mine Yoshizaki
Published by: Tokyopop
Release Date: March, 2004
Genre: Comedy
Age: 13up

Natsumi Hinata and Fuyuki Hinata are brother and sister living peacefully on the planet earth. Little do they know that their planet is about to invaded by the inhabitants of the 58th planet of the Gamma Storm Cloud System. The military forces of the 58 planet of the Gamma Storm Cloud System has sent the Space Invasion Force Special Advance Team to learn about the inhabitants that they call Pokopenian (earthlings) and make way for the invasion. However, Commanding Officer of the Space Invasion Force Special Advance Team of the 58th planet of the Gamma Storm Cloud System, Sergeant Keroro was spotted by Natsumi and Fuyuki, hiding in there bedroom collection information. When headquarters back on the 58th planet of the Gamma Storm Cloud System heard of capture they quickly called off the mission, they said that due to the risk involved it would be impossible to save the Space Invasion Force Special Advance Team. Now Sergeant Keroro finds himself in the hands of the enemy, a sixth grader obsessed with aliens and ghost and a fully developed seventh grader girl with the temper to match.

Naturally, Sergeant Keroro hasn’t given up on his mission, even though his home planet has. Fuyuki and Natsumi decided to grant Sergeant Keroro asylum in there home has long as he does his share of the work–which turns out to be all of it. Keroro decides it’s best to kiss up to his new masters until he get his hands on his powerful Keroball that was taken from him, which has the powers to turn the tables on Fuyuki’s plans to have a new alien friend and Natsumi’s plans for frog legs. “Yum.”

Both Natsumi and Fuyuki wants Keroro to stay alive as Natsumi gets her chores done without moving and Fuyuki gets a green friend, that gives you warts; however, both Natsumi and Fuyuki know that Keroro greatest threat is close, and the being that’s on it’s way might devour Keroro in a matter if seconds. And that being is called “Mom”. Apparently “Mom” doesn’t like animals, she cooked a parrot for dinner one night. Fuyuki recommends the hide to safe your arse strategy. It turns out Mom (or General Mom as Keroro calls her) isn’t the scary monster Natsumi and Fuyuki maker her out to be, she works for a manga company, but recently she has been having trouble finding the correct inspiration. That’s where Keroro comes in he has the impact, the action that Aki Hinata (General Mom) is looking for. General Mom loves Keroro so much she decide to give him his own room, after living with them for only 2 days.

Well Natsumi and Fuyuki still have to go to school, even if there is a frog-like alien in your house. Keroro begs and pleads to go to Fuyuki’s school with him as there seems to be a distress call from one of Keroro comrades. It seems the distress call was right, Private Tamama is being held captive by the cute and adorable Nishizawa San. Nishizawa is part of Fuyuki’s Occult club at school; she’s in love with Fuyuki, but she suffers from multiple personalities and at any given notice could turn polar opposites into a monster. Her prisoner, Private Tamama, suffers from the same disease. Coincidence, I think not! Private Tamama and Sergeant Keroro get acquainted pretty fast; however, Tamama must go with Nishizawa to repay her for rescuing him, even though she does abuse poor Tamama every now and again. However, Keroro and Tamama decide to secretly find the rest of the Special Invasion Forces Advance Team and continue the mission.

So, the team is al together Natsumi, Fuyuki, Aki, Nishizawa San, Keroro and Tamama now yet off in an adventure, to find the rest of the team to take over the planet earth. Will Keroro ever find the rest of his team? Will he survive Natsumi’s abuse? Will he become dinner at a French restaurant? Ooh so many questions.

You’ve to get a laugh out of SGT Frog, it’s hilarious. I still don’t know why it got a 13up rating as there isn’t anything offensive besides the reference to rectal cherry bombs, highly developed young girls, big breasted mommies, and psychotic multiple personalities; really nothing detrimental for young readers.
The artwork resembles anime and mangas like Astro Boy, but it takes on a adult comedy like Family Guy. It has such an innocent appeal to it but you started reading you’d release it’s anything but innocent. The manga does poke fun at pop culture, even manga, which just makes it even funnier. It’s kind of like E.T. except this time E.T. is frog that loves Utada Hikari and wants to take over the world…hmm…it’s not much like E.T I guess.
You’ll definitely get a good laugh out SGT Frog. Keroro is absolutely hilarious, and when he partners up with his psychotic subordinate they become the ultimate amphibious duo. It’s just comedy and nothing much else, but if you like comedy pick it up. It’s a sure fire way to lighten up a rainy day. Oh wait till you see what happens to Keroro when it rains. LOL


By Cherubim


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