Sweet Prison

Author: Shinano Oumi
Genre: Yaoi Comedy/Romance
Status: One-Shot
Published Outside Japan: No
Published by: N/A
Release Date: N/A
Age Appropriateness: 18+

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Mizuho is a young well muscled gay man living in the city. Things were hard for him. He use to live in such a small apartment up until he met Yae, a gay man with a muscle fetish that set his sights on Mizuho. The two started living together and eventually Yae invited Mizuho to live him in his apartment. Now Mizuho knows Yae as a gruff dude with a 5 o’clock shadow but that’s when Yae isn’t working at his company, Yae Construction. A company that makes over 30 billion a year.

The new lifestyle is hard for Mizuho to get use to. He wakes up can’t even imagine that he actually lives in such a big place. Yae is still pretty much the same person Mizuho knew before he moved into his huge apartment, he still frequently comes home from work and wants sex—typical man! The only that’s really changed is that he’s shaven his face. Mizuho doesn’t really like that. Mizuho used to like to feel Yae’s rough face but now that it’s gone Mizuho’s been acting different.

Mizuho tells Yae about his problem, except he doesn’t word it correctly and just says “I like it rough.” Stupid Mizuho he should have been more specific. Now Yae is scrambling to find out how exactly he can make Mizuho happy. How can he make it rough the way Mizuho wants? Yae goes out of his way by hiring a cross-dressing dominatrix to surprise Mizuho when he comes home and give them both a lesson in S&M.

Of course this isn’t what Mizuho means by “I likes it rough” but like an episode of Three’s Company where the entire premise is miscommunication Mizuho goes along with it, thinking that S&M is what Yae is really into. And just before Gondou, the cross-dressing-dominatrix-S&M instructor starts the lesson (test subject: Mizuho) Yae steps in and says that if anyone is inserting anything anywhere it will be he that’s doing it. Too bad Mizuho can’t voice his opinion on the matter, he being gagged n’ all.

Just before the good stuff happens. Yae realizes that he can’t actually do it. The whole dominatrix thing isn’t him. After removing the gag Mizuho explains that it isn’t his either.

The two of them eventually get over the miscommunication and Yae flings himself unto Mizuho and gets down to business the old fashion way. ^_^


Wonderful art in this manga. The men are simply to die for. Their facial features nice. Their faces seem rather narrow. The rest of the art is great, very clean and smooth. Did I mention how cute the guys were?


Story wise the manga is decent. The story is one big miscommunication but the fact that Yae brought in a cross-dressing dominatrix was a good way to solve the problem. The story is pretty funny and entertaining. There isn’t much dept to it but that’s ok it’s suppose to make you laugh. The story is very short but it’s worth it I think. You don’t take away much, maybe to be more specific when you tell your lover something, but other than that you’ll be fine.


By Cherubim


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